Christmas in Denmark

Danish Christmas traditions In Denmark, too, all signs point to Christmas in December. There are brightly lit Christmas trees in squares and gardens, and the breweries brew various Christmas beers (juleøl) that are stronger than the usual beer. People meet on various occasions in a relaxed atmosphere, drink mulled wine (gløgg) and eat donuts (æbleskiver) … Read more

The flat toaster in Denmark – indispensable and a holiday memory

Who does not know her. The flat table roaster in the Danish holiday homes. You can use these toasters to prepare your rolls or toast very easily, nothing gets stuck. They have a timer to keep things from charring. You simply place the things you want to toast on the toasting surface of the bread … Read more

Denmark ferries and Corona – what do you have to consider?

It currently looks like Denmark will open the border for German vacationers for the summer holidays. But what about the ferry connections? What do you have to consider? The Bornholmslinjen shipping company has already gained a lot of experience here in recent months for the crossing to Bornholm, so that the safety of the guests … Read more

Autumn holidays in Denmark – prices for holiday homes are falling

The prices for holiday homes in Denmark are falling by -34% during the autumn holidays. Now is the time to book the dream vacation home at a bargain price. It doesn’t get any cheaper. getting there House no. New price old price Savings In % link 06.10.2018 104117 € 548 € 575 € 27 -5% … Read more

Summer holidays in Denmark – when is it cheapest to book?

To make it short – here are the facts first: Denmark has from 30.06. until 08/11 Summer holidays. Sweden has from 11.06. until 08/19 Summer holidays. It’s the same about every year. During this period the holiday homes in Scandinavia, we are interested in Denmark, are particularly expensive. Before and after that, the price drops … Read more

Holidays at Dayz Landal holiday park in Denmark

If you want to experience an active vacation full of fun, the holiday park is for you Dayz by Landal the right choice for you! at Dayz by Landal choose the resort that best suits your needs. Our five resorts each have their own unique charm and range of facilities. Regardless of the choice of … Read more

Denmark vacation with the baby

The birth of a new family member brings many changes for the entire family. In addition to all the new things that are added in everyday life, there are now also changes to be made when planning your vacation. A baby has certain needs and requirements that must be addressed. A baby exposed to things … Read more

Eating out in historical places in Denmark

Eat the history, culture and architecture of Denmark in North Jutland North Jutland – Denmark’s aptly named “Land of Light” – offers an abundance of things to walk away from extensive, sun-drenched stretches of beach and world-class attractions such as the Viking Museum Lindholm Høje or the recently renovated Skagen Museum, in one of the … Read more

What do you eat in Denmark?

Hot dog in Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is surrounded by water on three sides. Therefore, of course, fish plays an important role in Danish cuisine. But there is also a lot of agriculture on the fertile soil. People in Denmark know how to enjoy themselves. One eats with pleasure and often. The day begins with Morgenmad, the Danish breakfast. Frokost is a cold snack that is taken for lunch. This is followed by the eftermiddag coffee. Middagsmad is the main warm meal of the day. Even if the term suggests lunch: The Danes eat their middagsmad in the evening. This meal is also known as aftensmad in Danish. In between, the appetite is satisfied with a hot dog or another sausage at the snack bar.

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Prices in Denmark

Grocery shopping on the island of Mön is a bit more expensive, just like anywhere else in Denmark. So if you want to save money you should take some products from Germany with you when you travel. Unfortunately, you lose the fun of discovering other eating habits and products. A mix of products you have … Read more

Camping holidays in Denmark

Camping in Denmark

Camping in Dänemark
A camping holiday in Denmark has many advantages over a holiday home. You are very flexible thanks to a mobile home or caravan, because it is quite possible to travel across Denmark with the help of the mobile pedestal and to rest on different campsites.

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Getting married in Denmark – for example on the island of Mön

Get married in Copenhagen

Getting married in Denmark – nothing stands in the way of getting married

Schnell und einfach Heiraten in Dänemark, zum Beispiel auf Mön

If you don’t want to wait so long to get married here in Germany, until you have all the papers (documents) with Registry office are present and have been viewed, he can go to Denmark with a clear conscience and get married there. For example, a certificate of marital status is not required. A marriage agency that maintains contact with the registry offices in Denmark is often helpful here. The waiting times for marriages that are required in Germany do not exist in Denmark.

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Discover Denmark with the whole family

The summer vacation is within reach. The summer holidays will start in the northern federal states in just a week and so many holidaymakers will set off on their summer holidays with children and their families and will head for one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the north: Denmark.

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