Southern Denmark

Southern Denmark, in Danish Syddanmark, can be reached the quickest from Germany. There are thousands of vacation homes here, in the west of southern Denmark, for example on the North Sea by the Wadden Sea, on the islands of Fanö or Römö.

The south of Denmark stretches from South Jutland over the islands of Lolland and Falster with Mön over the mainland around Copenhagen to the Baltic Sea island Bornholm because located in the east.

Where in southern Denmark should I rent a holiday home?

You have to clarify several things:

Should the journey be as short as possible?

Where do you live and how long can the journey take?

If you live in western Germany, Austria or Switzerland, the quickest way to Denmark is the direct land route to southern Denmark across the borders of Schleswig Holstein. You are then directly in South Jutland and can decide to vacation directly a place on the coast or on one of the small Danish North Sea islands. Blavand would then be about the border before the north begins.

If you live in eastern Germany, for example in Berlin, the fastest way to get to southern Denmark is to board the ferry in Rostock and arrive in Gedser, the Danish Baltic Sea ferry port, after 1.5 hours. Lolland, Falster and Mön are then open to you, as well as Copenhagen, which is 80 km away.

The second option is to travel from the island of Rügen to the island of Bornholm from the Sassnitz ferry port. The ferry crossing takes 3.5 hours and is already part of the holiday.

What type of landscape are you looking for in southern Denmark?

If you are looking for very wide beaches, ebb and flow and you do not need rocks and mountains on vacation, you are at the right place at the Wadden Sea on the North Sea of Syddanmark.

If you are looking for more variety, the island of Mön with its huge chalk cliffs and mountains (bigger than on Rügen) and Bornholm, with wide sandy beaches in the south and mountainous rocky coast in the north – ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

Which climate are you looking for?

If you are looking for cool, windy, changeable weather with plenty of salt in the air, then the North Sea in the west of southern Denmark is your travel destination.

If you are looking for an almost Mediterranean climate in summer, then you are at the right place on the Danish Baltic coast.

So it all depends on your preferences. Do you love the North Sea? Then Jutland is the address for you, do you love the North Sea and the islands? Then consider visiting Fanoe or Romoe, very close to Sylt.

Do you love the Baltic Sea with its beaches and mild climate? Then Lolland, Falster, Mön or Bornholm are the right places for you.

Important places in southern Denmark are also Svendsborg, Odense and Kolding.


The town of Billund is a Danish municipality on the Jutland peninsula. It was created in the course of the municipal reform on January 1, 2007 by merging the “old” town of Billund with parts of the former Grinstead and the former town of Givé, on whose territory a part of Billund Airport is located


Esbjerg Kommune is a Danish municipality in Jutland. It was created as part of the municipal reform on January 1, 2007, uniting the “old” town of Esbjerg with the former towns of Bramming and Ribe and the village of Grimstrup in the former Grimstrup municipality of Helle, all in the Ribe office.


The town of Svendborg is a Danish municipality located in the southeast of the island of Funen. It was created on January 1, 2007 as part of the reform of local government by merging the “old” town of Svendborg with the former towns of Egebjerg and Gudme of Fyns Amt. The city of Svendborg has a total population of 58,588 inhabitants

Throughout the Syddanmark region there are enough free cottages for the perfect beach vacation

No matter where you spend your vacation now. We wish you relaxing days in southern Denmark.

ps: If you are considering a visit to Legoland in Billund, it would of course be advisable to stick to the southwest of Denmark, because Billund is in southern Denmark.

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