Mön Museum Stege

The Mön Museum in Stege on the island of Mön is one of Denmark’s oldest regional museums and was founded in 1913. At that time it was still housed in the Fry rectory and only moved to its current domicile in 1958, the old merchant’s Empiregarden, next to the mill gate. The farm was built by the wealthy merchant Krenchel.

In the two-story building from 1813 you can get a comprehensive insight into the history of the island of Mön. In the Empiregarden there, the cultural history of Möns between the Stone Age and the Middle Ages is very clearly documented.

The Mön Museum houses a collection of fossils from the Cretaceous and Bronze Ages and other rocks from the Möns Klint. The white rocks of Möns Klint are the island’s attraction and witness to 75 million years of geological history. Petrified ammonites or sea urchins are therefore not uncommon on the beach if they are searched intensively.

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