Romo Island

Romo Island
The island of Römö, German Roman and North Frisian Rem, is located in the North Sea and belongs to the West Jutland region. Due to its ideal location and proximity to the German island of Sylt, Römö is one of the most popular holiday islands. It is almost 14 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide and therefore has an area of almost 130 square kilometers. About 650 people live permanently on the island.

Map of Romo

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Attractions on Römö (Rømø)

As one of the most important island holiday destinations for tourists, the island of Römö naturally also has a lot to offer its visitors.
The so-called Kommandeurshof is one of the most famous excursion destinations on the whole island. A part of the Danish National Museum is included here today. Not far from there is the “Toftum Skole”, which is the oldest and smallest school in Denmark. This is a small house that was built in 1784 and consisted of only one room, i.e. a classroom.
The church on the island of Römö, called Röml Kirke, was built as early as 1200. This church is dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers, Saint Clemens.
The Römö-Sommerland is particularly suitable for families with children. This is a leisure center that has grown larger and more attractive since the 1980s.

Here you will find suitable accommodations on Romo

The most important place on the island of Rømø, Havneby, has its own port, which was and still is of great importance for fishermen and seafarers in particular. There is also a nature reserve in Havneby called Helmodde. Above all, there are many oystercatches, brent geese and eider ducks to be found here.
The widest sandy beach in all of Northern Europe is on Römö. This of course makes the island a true paradise for many bathers and beach lovers. This beach is around 8.5 kilometers long and has only the finest sand, which is removed from Sylt and washed up again on Römö. By the way, you can easily get to Sylt with the Syltrexpress, a small Sylt ferry.
If you want to find out more about the nature of the island of Römö, you can visit the Tonnisgard Nature Center. There are many exhibitions on the Wadden Sea and the island’s nature. Amber and stuffed animals of the Wadden Sea such as seals can also be seen here on Rømø.

Special features of the island of Romo

The island of Romo and especially the city of Havneby have already been shown in the cinema. Roman Polanski shot his film “The Ghostwriter” here in 2009. This confirms once again how unique and beautiful this piece of earth is.


Kongsmark is roughly on the east side of Rømø. The area planted with pine trees is particularly suitable for hiking. Numerous hiking trails lead through the idyllic landscape. There are shops and restaurants in Kongsmark and lots of lovely holiday homes.


Lakolk is a tourist town on the western side of the Danish island of Rømø. The village on sand dunes is the oldest holiday resort on the island of Romo and has been the destination of summer visitors since at least 1898. Today it consists of a large number of holiday homes, a hotel, a campsite and a large shopping center.

Holiday homes on the island of Romo

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