The flat toaster in Denmark – indispensable and a holiday memory

Do you know her? The flat toasters in Danish holiday homes. With them, you can easily and conveniently prepare rolls or toast. Nothing gets stuck, and thanks to a timer, nothing burns either. Simply place the items on the toast surface. These toasters are also easy to clean – they have a crumb drawer! With a good toaster, you can start the day with perfectly toasted bread. On our website you will also find special toasters for delicious Pariseroast. You can buy them from Bilka in Denmark or from us via Amazon.

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The most frequently ordered flat toaster via our website: You can of course also buy flat toaster test winner at Media Markt or Kaufhof. As far as I know, Stiftung Warentest has not yet tested them.

Flat toaster from Denmark - Ideal for everyday family life. He toasts everything

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With a flat toaster you can make delicious toast. It’s small, simple and saves space. You can choose how light or dark your toast will be with one button. Are you looking for something useful and chic? Then a flat toaster is ideal. It looks great in any kitchen.

The flat toaster is for the modern man who wants to prepare breakfast for his family in the morning. This type of toaster has a larger grilling surface than traditional toasters, which means you can make more toast at once.

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The flat toaster is a state-of-the-art appliance in the Danish toast world. You get over 6 toast colors, from light to dark. With it, you can toast 6 slices perfectly at the same time. He doesn’t just toast regular bread. You can also make hamburger buns, sandwich bread, croissants, and even pizza. It fits all types of bread, so don’t worry about it being too small. The flat toaster also has a handy lever to choose the exact color of the toast.

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The Danish flat toaster – out of conviction

The flat toaster is very popular in Denmark. Its modern design fits into any home. You can choose between different sizes, colours and styles – so it beautifies any kitchen. The great thing is that it’s easy to clean. Crumbs simply fall off, making the toaster more durable.

Main advantages of flat toasters:

  • Versatile: The flat toaster is ideal for toast, bagels, rolls, and more. Toast different types of bread at the same time and enjoy the freedom.
  • User-friendly: No more jammed bread! Supervise the roasting process in the open area and simply take your food out.
  • Individual settings: Choose your browning level, from golden brown to crispy. The flat toaster makes it possible.
  • Easy to clean: A crumb drawer catches leftovers. This makes cleaning easy and keeps your kitchen area clean.
  • Nice design: Flat toasters look great. Its sleek, modern design fits into any kitchen.

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