Denmark ferries and Corona – what do you have to consider?

It currently looks like Denmark will open the border for German vacationers for the summer holidays. But what about the ferry connections? What do you have to consider?

The Bornholmslinjen shipping company has already gained a lot of experience here in recent months for the crossing to Bornholm, so that the safety of the guests is guaranteed. Tickets for the ferry from the ferry port Sassnitz (Rügen) to Roenne are currently available.

From our point of view, it is still open which ship will be used, as the Povl anchor will probably be used for the Ystad (Sweden) -Roenne route.
The ships are no longer allowed to operate at full capacity. So it is conceivable that there may be bottlenecks in ferry tickets this summer.

You can now stay in your car during the crossing. So you are very safe from the corona virus. A mobile sales booth rolls or walks from car to car and sells coffee and food.

There are many barriers in the normal visitor area of the ferries. Many of the seats are stuck with notes saying that you are not allowed to sit here. So the distance is maintained. Plexiglass panes were also introduced to separate the individual seating groups from one another.

You can find out more information about the ferry conditions during the coronavirus period and what you need to consider when booking tickets from the respective ferry companies.

The ferries are also permanently disinfected.

Stickers on the floor provide space.

Sufficient space between the seats.

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