Invitation to Lolland and Falster – your next dream destinations in Denmark

Discover the Danish Baltic Sea islands of Lolland and Falster, two charming destinations that will delight you with their open-hearted hospitality, picturesque natural landscapes and a variety of sights. Both islands, together with the neighboring island of Mön, form a picturesque land complex that joins Zealand, the largest Danish island, to the south and acts as a natural bridge to the Baltic Sea.

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Lolland – The Fourth Largest Island in Denmark

With more than 1,200 square kilometers, Lolland is Denmark’s fourth largest island and is known for its picturesque beaches, especially on the Fehmarn Belt on the southwest coast. The very flat island is protected by dikes in the southern part and is characterized by some of the largest passage tombs in Denmark. Lolland offers more than 400 different sights and thus promises a vacation full of exciting discoveries. Relax on the white sandy beaches, be enchanted by the relaxing forest landscapes and discover the rich history and culture of the island through its many museums and historical sites.

Falster – nature paradise and family destination

Falster, bordering Lolland to the east, presents itself as a natural playground with over 500 square kilometers, perfect for family vacations. Almost the entire southeastern coast of the island is characterized by a flat, child-friendly sandy beach that extends to the southern tip of Denmark near Gedser. Discover the diverse wildlife at Nykobing F. Zoo, immerse yourself in the region’s history at the Medieval Center, and be inspired by the artful exhibitions and galleries that reflect the island’s rich cultural milieu.

Journey to Lolland and Falster

The journey to the Danish islands of Lolland and Falster is possible from Germany in various ways: by car via the A7 freeway and then the E47, or by ferry from Rostock or Puttgarden with destinations in Gedser (Falster) or Rødby (Lolland). For cyclists and pedestrians, the Berlin-Copenhagen Cycle Route offers an excellent route.

Attractions on the islands

The islands are full of exciting activities and attractions for the whole family. Experience a safari of a special kind at Knuthenborg Safaripark on Lolland, immerse yourself in the pleasures of Badeland Lalandia and be amazed by the many natural beauties. Falster, on the other hand, attracts visitors with exciting animal experiences at Nykobing F. Zoo and cultural discoveries at the Medieval Center.

Together with the neighboring islands, Lolland and Falster form a natural oasis of relaxation and adventure waiting for you to discover. Whether you want to explore the open and beautiful nature by bike, relax on the many beaches or get to know the rich history and culture of the islands – on Lolland and Falster every vacation will be an unforgettable experience.

Bonus: A visit to Mon

The island of Mön, known for its striking chalk cliffs, is also worth a visit. Connected to Falster and Zealand by a bridge system, Mön offers a breathtaking chalk coastline that provides fascinating views and the opportunity for exciting fossil discoveries.


Whether you are looking for recreation, want to explore nature or are interested in culture and history, Lolland and Falster offer something for everyone. We invite you to experience the diverse activities, unspoiled nature and warm hospitality of these Danish islands. Start your journey today and discover the unique treasures that Lolland and Falster have to offer.