Getting married in Denmark – for example on the island of Mön

Getting married in Denmark – nothing stands in the way of getting married

Schnell und einfach Heiraten in Dänemark, zum Beispiel auf Mön

If you don’t want to wait so long to get married here in Germany, until you have all the papers (documents) with Registry office are present and have been viewed, he can go to Denmark with a clear conscience and get married there. For example, a certificate of marital status is not required. A marriage agency that maintains contact with the registry offices in Denmark is often helpful here. The waiting times for marriages that are required in Germany do not exist in Denmark.

Denmark is also a popular holiday destination for Germans who either want to swim on the quiet coasts or explore the beautiful landscape on hikes. This can also be combined with a marriage if the couple does not want to wait any longer. If a German couple decides we’re getting married in Denmark, it doesn’t take much to achieve their goal. The birth certificates and the residence certificate with the home address and the entry of the marital status (single certificate) are sufficient to be able to visit a registry office in Denmark. You can get these documents in Germany from the responsible registry office and the residents’ registration office.

They work in Denmark Registry offices a little faster and are less bureaucratic when getting married, but also sometimes different. The marriage or the marriage certificate is of course recognized by the authorities in Germany. In some regions, the authorities require a longer stay of at least 3 days before the wedding can take place. the international marriage certificate that the newly married couple receives must be recognized in Germany and presented for entries at the registration office. This is the opportunity for a short vacation, which can then also be arranged romantically in Denmark. This whole matter can be arranged without outside help, without additional costs from agencies that can also take over the organization. There are some marriage agencies that manage a full marriage in Denmark, and overnight stays in a hotel are often offered. These agencies make all registrations perfect, book the hotel and get the wedding date at the registry office, whether in Copenhagen or in a small Danish town on the beach.

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Celebrate your wedding in Copenhagen + short break

Get married in Copenhagen
Wedding and short break in Copenhagen

In order to save the money for the agency, which is often not that cheap, a couple who are willing to get married can simply travel to Denmark, no matter which city they want, to find a hotel of their choice and visit the registry office. If the trip is to be combined with a short vacation, a waiting period of 2 or 3 days is certainly not a problem. With a longer stay in Denmark, the honeymoon is also included without having to book a new trip.

Getting married in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is also very quick, you only need to be in the city for a few hours. The wedding ceremony takes place quickly and unbureaucratically, so that the couple can then devote themselves to the celebrations. Copenhagen is not just a place to visit and leave, as there is a lot to see here. A honeymoon in Tivoli and then in a beautiful hotel make a wedding in Denmark a dream.

Also think about the apostille or legalization. The marriage agency is happy to help here

Hochzeitspaar nach her Heirat in Dänemark am Strand

Article about a couple who got married in Mön. The wedding ceremony was carried out by Mayor Knud Larsen in Stege.

We can help you get married easily in Denmark

Getting married in Denmark without an agency is certainly an often-mentioned wish. However, we can recommend a specialized wedding agency that has direct contact with selected registry offices in Denmark.
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Top wedding spots for foreigners in Denmark

Marriage on mainland Denmark

  • Getting married in Sonderborg – near Flensburg
  • Getting married in Tønder – on the German border
  • Get married in Bov
  • Get married in Blavand
  • Get married in Esbjerg
  • Get married in Faaborg
  • Get married in Gudena
  • Get married in Haderslev
  • Get married in Henne strand
  • Get married in Hvide sande
  • Get married in Kolding
  • Get married in Nordborg
  • Get married in Ringkobing
  • Get married in Padborg
  • Copenhagen – romantic
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Marriage in the Danish Islands

  • Get married on aero
  • Getting married on Fanoe
  • Getting married on the island of Mön – Easily accessible from Berlin
  • Getting married on Langeland
  • Getting married on Bornholm
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