Denmark vacation with the baby

The birth of a new family member brings many changes for the entire family. In addition to all the new things that are added in everyday life, there are now also changes to be made when planning your vacation. A baby has certain needs and requirements that must be addressed.

A baby exposed to things that are simply unsuitable for the small family member will express displeasure by screaming loudly. A family vacation quickly becomes a nervous strain for all family members.

Photo: © Niclas Jessen. Denmark Vacation with the baby, here at Knutenborg Safaripark

If you plan your vacation properly and know how to take the baby’s needs into account, such unpleasant experiences can be avoided. A holiday in Denmark with a baby, however, can be a wonderful memory for everyone involved. As a parent, you have to be able to judge for yourself when the right time has come to take your baby with you on holiday in Denmark. As a rule, a baby can be expected to travel a little after the first quarter of a year. After this time, the parents can already assess the sleep rhythm of their baby and know about the most important needs of the little roommate. The holiday destination should be adapted to the seasons.

A vacation in the south is certainly not a good solution for the baby during the high season. This is why Denmark is so well suited. The holiday destinations close to home are simply better suited for midsummer. Of course, this also includes all countries that have similar climatic conditions, such as Sweden or Norway. Whether you decide to go by plane, train or car should depend on the distance and the climatic conditions of the holiday destination. A twenty-hour drive in midsummer will not only be a burden for the baby. Long car journeys with a restless baby become a burden for everyone on the way there. Babies who sleep a lot are particularly suitable for long car journeys.

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Before driving to Denmark you should definitely plan your break times. Night drives are particularly suitable due to the sleeping habits of many babies. In the car you have to take special care that the baby does not get a draft. The train ride is very good when it comes to traveling with the baby. You can only take care of the small family member if necessary. By the way, train rides are also free for the very young passengers. It is advisable to make a reservation in a children’s compartment before the journey. The railway offers such possibilities. An ICE also provides a changing table and quiet places. Contrary to popular belief, air travel with the baby is not a problem. As with the train, travel within Germany is free for the smallest passengers. The big airlines also offer noticeable discounts for small passengers when traveling abroad. Good airlines are prepared to take babies with them. Nevertheless, when traveling by air you should note that the dry air or the air conditioning of the aircraft can be uncomfortable for the baby.

With these few points in mind, it is not difficult to make the right decision for a nice trip to Denmark as a family. The first and maybe also the second vacation as a family will be fondly remembered by the parents in particular. The baby remains the feeling of a caring and loving environment. Looking at pictures together after a few years will make this vacation a highlight for the second time.

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