Dansommer holiday homes

It’s that time again and you are looking for a place for your vacation. Beach season is fast approaching and with it the dreaded question of where to stay. One of the newest vacation rental services on the market is Dansommer.
Dansommer holiday homes are a proven quality for many Denmark vacationers for many years

Holiday homes Denmark right on the beach with sea views

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Dansommer Holiday Homes and Apartments is one of the leading and first intermediaries of quality and luxury holiday homes in Denmark. We have more than 30 years of experience in renting holiday homes, so we know something about quality and needs. Our philosophy is simple: We orient ourselves to the needs of tenants, owners and partners.

Holiday home rental for more than 30 years – this has been the case since Niels Nymark founded what was then Jydsk Sommerhusudlejning in 1976 and was given the final name Novasol in 1979. The starting shot was 425 holiday homes across Denmark, a part-time employee and an intensive German course for the director. Since then it has been a holiday home all over Europe.

Dansommer Urlaub in den Dünen

Dansommer vacation homes with a long tradition

Are you looking for a quiet place for your vacation? Have you considered Denmark? Then Dansommer vacation homes are your ideal location. The company was founded in 2006 and offers beautiful vacation accommodation in the town of the same name. They specialize in accommodating couples and families with children and their houses are fully equipped. Dansommer vacation homes is located near the sea, with many houses directly on the beach. There are also many facilities in the area such as supermarkets, restaurants and stores. The houses are also within walking distance from the city center, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

New vacation accommodation in areas close to nature

When there is an urgent need for vacation homes, Dansommer is the answer. Dansommer is a site that offers a wide range of vacation homes throughout Germany. It allows tourists to find the best deals on vacation properties, as well as those that are less expensive, but still of high quality.

Whether a small cottage in the countryside or a penthouse in the heart of the city, Dansommer has it all. The objects are all exclusively equipped with high quality furniture. There are also many different options to choose from in terms of the number of bedrooms, the size of the property and the amenities included. This diversification leaves customers with many options for their dream vacation home.

Our Dansommer offer

The team of Dansommer offers its customers a wide range of vacation homes, which go from modern vacation homes to wood-cut houses. Many of our customers have already visited our cottages to see them. Renting a Dansommer vacation home or apartment is one of the nicest things you can do. If you have enough time to become familiar with the local ways, you can book a Dansommer vacation home or a Dansommer vacation apartment. You can sit there by the water, swim in the sea, walk on the beach, walk on the beach.

The 10 best reasons to book your next vacation in a Dansommer vacation home

Many of my friends and family eagerly ask me for recommendations on where to spend their next vacation. I already know the answer they are looking for, and that is a Dansommer vacation home or apartment. Everyone I know who has been to a Dansommer vacation home has had a great time.

  • Denmark one of the best vacation countries
  • You can arrive without a flight
  • The air is fresh and clean
  • The Danish food satiates and fills you up
  • People are welcoming and friendly
  • You always wear a smile on your face
  • The culture is welcoming and magical
  • Dansommer is one of the most experienced vacation rental companies
  • Dansommer has vacation homes all over Denmark
  • Dansommer is cult.