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Novasol holiday home in Denmark – space for everyone

Renting out Nosol holiday homes in Denmark with the whole family is something very special – and very Danish. Many of us have an idea of what a real holiday in Denmark should look like in a holiday home – sun, summer, strawberries, beach and evening fun on the terrace – time, rest, presence. At NOVASOL we strive to offer a wide range of beautiful Novasol holiday homes both in Denmark and in Europe so that you can have the best vacation, whether you have an active vacation in nature or a relaxing vacation with lots of sun and the North Sea as the next Neighbor. Get inspiration on what to do and where your next Novasol holiday in Denmark should be, including!

Scandlines ferry

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Travel comfortably with Scandlines from Rostock or Puttgarden to Denmark.

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Novasol holiday home rental in Denmark with experience

NOVASOL has more than 50 years of experience in renting holiday homes. We offer a wide range of holiday homes across Denmark and the rest of Europe. At the bottom of the page you can see all the regions and areas in which we rent holiday homes! In the overview, which can also be found below, you will also find suggestions for what a holiday in a holiday home in Denmark can offer you. We have local Novasol offices in most of the major holiday homes in Denmark, so you will always be close to our qualified Novasol staff if you need our help during your vacation.

Vacation in a Novasol holiday home in Denmark – vacation with freedom

Rent a Novasol holiday home in Denmark and get plenty of space and freedom to set the pace yourself. You decide everything, when to eat, what to eat and whether it should be on the outside terrace or inside on the television. You choose what to experience in the area, whether you want to take a longer trip or spend the day in the sun on the beach. The cool thing about a Novasol holiday home is that you are 100% independent of the schedule, travel guides and other stressful factors. There are indeed thousands of fun, challenging, cultural or exciting sights to enjoy from your holiday home in Denmark and best of all; You have the option of tailoring the vacation program to suit your family. A Novasol holiday home in Denmark gives you the ultimate freedom to be the master of your holiday. Does that sound like a vacation to you? Book your next Novasol holiday home in Denmark today!

Popular areas for vacation rentals in Denmark

It is great to have a Novasol holiday in Denmark, especially in a Novasol holiday home. Our many areas are all unique and have something to offer for every taste. Even we see that some areas are more popular than others for holiday homes in Denmark. For example, year after year we experience that our holiday homes on Bornholm and holiday homes in West Jutland are often fully booked long before the holiday season really begins. The reason for this may be ambiguous, but one possibility could be that Bornholm is, in the broadest sense of the word, the island of contrasts. During a holiday on Bornholm you can experience a nature that is unique with many rock formations and cannot be seen anywhere else in Denmark – maybe not even in the world. West Jutland is by definition one of the most popular holiday homes in Denmark, both for Danish and foreign tourists. This is because there is something for everyone, small and large cottages with a pool, the beautiful North Sea and a sea of activities and nature experiences for young and old. You should also consider our holiday homes on Zealand.