Discover Lolland, Falster and Møn on a day trip

Germany has so many beautiful neighbors, and one of them is Denmark. The fastest way from Rostock to Denmark is by Skandlines ferry, which will take you to Gedser on Falster in only about 1 hour and 45 minutes. With an early start, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the beauty and diversity of the Danish islands of Lolland, Falster and Møn and still catch your evening ferry back. Here are some suggestions of what you can experience on this amazing day tour.

The day trip to Denmark from Rostock


Start your day with an early morning start in Rostock. Ferries run regularly, and if you leave at 6 am, you will arrive in Gedser, on the island of Falster, at 8 am.

Middelaldercentret (Medieval Center) on Lolland

Your first stop should be Middelaldercentret on the island of Lolland, about a 30-minute drive from Gedser. The Medieval Center is an open-air museum that allows you to travel through time to the 14th century. Here you can watch jousting, catapult shooting and everyday medieval activities.

Lunch in Nykøbing

After your visit to the Medieval Center, head back to Falster to the town of Nykøbing. Here you can have lunch in one of the many restaurants along the harbor. Enjoy the fresh seafood or try traditional Danish dishes.


The chalk cliffs of Møn

After lunch, drive about an hour east to the island of Møn. Møns Klint, an impressive chalk cliff, is definitely worth a visit. You can take a walk on the beach or take the hiking trail along the cliff to enjoy a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea.

Møn Is (Ice cream on Møn)

Before leaving Møn, stop at Møn Is, a local ice cream store known for its homemade organic ice cream. You have a wide selection of unique flavors to choose from, and the ice cream will surely refresh you!


Dinner in Marielyst

On the way back to Gedser, you will stop in Marielyst, a popular seaside resort on Falster. Here you can have dinner in one of the beach restaurants and watch the sunset over the sea.

To ensure that you catch your ferry back to Rostock, you should plan your return trip for no later than 19:30. The last ferry usually leaves Gedser at 10 p.m., giving you plenty of time for the one-hour trip from Marielyst to Gedser.

This day trip offers you the opportunity to experience some of the highlights of the Danish islands. From places steeped in history, to breathtaking natural beauty, to culinary delights, this trip offers something for everyone. But remember, this is just a small glimpse of what these islands have to offer. There is certainly much more to discover during your next visit!

Skandlines ferry departure times from Rostock to Gedser and from Gedser to Rostock.

From Rostock to Gedser (morning):

  • The ferry leaves at 06:00 and arrives in Gedser at 08:00.
  • The ferry departs at 09:00 and arrives in Gedser at 11:00.
  • The ferry departs at 11:15 and arrives in Gedser at 13:15.

From Gedser to Rostock (evening):

  • The ferry leaves at 18:00 and arrives in Rostock at 20:00.
  • The ferry departs at 20:15 and arrives in Rostock at 22:15.
  • The ferry leaves at 22:30 and arrives in Rostock at 00:30.

Please note that these times are subject to change and it is recommended to check the Skandlines website for exact departure times.