Camping holidays in Denmark

Camping in Dänemark
A camping holiday in Denmark has many advantages over a holiday home. You are very flexible thanks to a mobile home or caravan, because it is quite possible to travel across Denmark with the help of the mobile pedestal and to rest on different campsites.

Of course, this also applies if you are traveling with a private car and a tent. However, it must be noted that wild camping in Denmark strictly forbidden and a not to be despised fine is due if it is disregarded. But that shouldn’t be a problem on site, as there are a lot of campsites in Denmark.

Camping pass for Denmark

However, it must be remembered that a valid camping pass is absolutely necessary for overnight stays on all campsites in Denmark. The camping pass is called `Camping Key Europe`. This plastic card is not only valid for several years, but also bears the name, address and date of birth of the holder. Thanks to the magnetic strip, campers can use it to register quickly and easily at the campsites.

The pitches score points with different equipment, which is why different fees are due for the pitches. A possible decision-making aid is, for example, the classification of the campsites. This is determined every year by the camping association after a corresponding investigation. The places receive one to five stars, which are assigned according to a specific classification system. The stars are a very good orientation aid for campers. For example, you have the choice between a campsite that is only equipped with the essentials or a large facility that shines with a wide variety of advantages.

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In addition, many campsites are right on the water, which is also very beneficial for families with children. Since the different places extend over the whole of Denmark, you can think about whether you spend your holidays at a campsite or whether you drive through the country and thus stop at different places. Among other things, it is possible to discover Copenhagen or East, North, West and South Jutland. But also West Zealand, Bornholm and Funen, like the other regions of Denmark, are ideal for a camping holiday.

Depending on where you are at the moment, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the various sights while camping. This includes, for example, the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, which is generally considered to be the real symbol of Denmark. Or you can pay a visit to Legoland in Billund, which is an absolute experience for both young and old. The rune stones from Jelling, Frederiksborg Castle and Kronborg Castle in Helsingør are also very interesting. However, these are only a few attractions, because Denmark naturally has a lot more to offer, so that a camping holiday on site guarantees an unforgettable holiday.

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