Holiday homes Denmark right on the beach with sea views

Denmark’s picturesque beaches will delight the whole family. The dream holiday homes in Denmark close to the beach are defined by us as beach houses. This means that the nearest beach is a maximum of 500 meters away. Most of the time it’s even closer. We wish you a great family vacation on the beach. Relax with your family at the North Sea or the Baltic Sea in Denmark. Wherever you are in Denmark, the nearest beach is a maximum of 50 kilometers away. The Danish holiday homes in Denmark offer a relaxing holiday for old and young people. This means beach vacation means family vacation and beach houses means beach house vacation. Our beach houses are a maximum of 500 meters from the nearest beach. Are you interested in a beach house on the Baltic Sea or do you love the varied North Sea? In any case, the holiday homes offer a relaxing holiday for young and old. It is best to browse our website with the whole family and you will soon have found the holiday home of your dreams. Whether in summer or winter, the choice of beaches in Denmark is huge! These can be short beaches, but also long beaches for long hikes. There are wide beaches and narrow beaches and also salt meadows where the grass leads to the water’s edge. Most of these beaches are on the Baltic coast. On the other hand, on the North Sea coast you will find beaches that are ideal for windsurfing. But lonely and quiet beaches can also be found here. Your children will enjoy beaches with shallow water. Many a child has already tried swimming for the first time in Denmark.

Holiday home Denmark sea view right on the beach

Holiday homes by the sea with access to the beach (beach house) and sea views are particularly popular in Denmark. The good thing is that Denmark has an extra large beach line due to its geographical location. Many Holiday homes on the North Sea and Baltic Sea are actually in a prime location right on the beach with direct access to the beach, so that you can jump into the water from the holiday home in the morning after getting up. In one House right on the water the quality of the holiday can once again be improved. Holiday homes are also often located directly on the Baltic Sea or North Sea beach – be it on a Danish island or the mainland. from Funen , Lolland, Falster or Mon – There are accommodations with sea views everywhere. Whether a holiday home, holiday home or campsite. The best places by the sea are always in great demand. Dog owners also like to look for holiday homes on the beach (North Sea, Baltic Sea) so that their beloved dog has enough exercise right at the meet.
So it’s best to book in good time. Have fun in your holiday home by the sea. Treat yourself to the luxury.

Holiday homes with sea views

Many holiday homes close to the beach also offer direct Sea view from the terrace of the holiday home. It is interesting to watch the interplay of the weather and the waves. You can often see the weather coming hours in advance thanks to the sea view. However, if you are considering booking a holiday home with a lake view, you should make sure that there is also a wing-protected space. Especially at holiday homes in Denmark with a sea view, a cool breeze can blow from the Baltic or North Sea.

Beach house Denmark

A beach house in Denmark is great for letting the wind blow in your face. Holidays in a beach house usually ensure a pollen and mosquito-free holiday in Denmark. Have fun finding your beach house. If you are looking for holiday homes with more than one bedroom, you can easily specify this when doing the house research.

Holiday homes on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with sea views

Whether you book a holiday home on the Baltic Sea or the North Sea is up to you. The North Sea creates a harsh climate with salty air. It is much milder on the Baltic Sea.
So you have to decide: Holiday home Denmark Baltic Sea with sea view or Holiday home Denmark North Sea with sea view .

Holiday homes directly on the nudist beach

In Denmark you can get naked almost everywhere. Bathe. There are hardly any designated nudist beaches. If you rent your holiday home in a quiet area right on the beach, nothing stands in the way of a nude bath as soon as you get up. Especially on the long coast of Jutland, on Funen and Bornholm, you can indulge in nudism and get the necessary portion of sun right from your holiday home.

Vacation homes in the dunes

Of course, a holiday home in the dunes, almost directly on the beach, is great. These holiday homes are particularly found on the North Sea coast, for example in Henne Strand or Vej and large parts of Jutland. Vacation by the sea, right on the beach – no matter which week it is incomparably beautiful. In the morning you stand on the terrace of the holiday home and look out over the sea. With a few steps you are on the beach and can jump into the fresh North Sea or Baltic Sea. Of course, when the wind is strong, the fine sand can be in the air and you have to sweep once in a while. But that is simply part of the holiday home in the dunes.

Where are the best vacation homes by the sea?

Holiday home Denmark right on the beach
Holiday house Denmark right on the beach with sea views

From our point of view, there is a top list of the important holiday home regions in Denmark where you can book holiday home holidays by the sea.
Of course, we also recommend an apartment at the North Sea with a view of the lake . It doesn’t always have to be a house.

Tip:>> Great beach house on Funen

Ferienhaus Dänemark direkt am Strand auf Fünen
Beach house on the island of Funen

Also take a look at private holiday home websites or advertisements. Private renting is sometimes cheaper than via Feriepartner, Dansommer or Novasol. We wish you great experiences on your well-deserved vacation in Denmark.

Ferienhaus auf Bornholm direkt am Strand von Balka

Top list of the best holiday homes by the sea

  • Ferienhaus Tarup StrandHoliday home Tårup Strand Funen 5 meters from the sea learn more
  • Ferienhaus in Snogebaeck am StrandRomantic holiday home in Snogebæk on the beach on Bornholm learn more
  • Holiday house in Kerteminde on the east coast of Funen learn more
  • Ferienhaus in Lonstrup am StrandHoliday house in Lønstrup, Jammerbucht directly by the sea for 4 people learn more
  • Ferienhaus Jammerbucht mit MeerblickHoliday house in Løkken Jammerbucht with sea view learn more
  • Ferienhaus am Baring Strand mit MeerblickHoliday home at Båring Strand, Funen (north coast of Funen) learn more
  • Ferienhaus Vejers Strand direkt am StrandVejers Strand, Blåvand – New holiday home with sea views learn more
  • Ferienhaus in Balka am StrandLarge holiday home for 8 people in Balka on the beach learn more
  • Ferienhaus auf Bornolm mit MeerblickHoliday house on Bornholm with sea view learn more
  • Ferienhaus direkt am Strand in StampenHoliday house Bornholm, only about 15 m from the sea and sandy beach in Stampen! learn more
  • Ferienhaus in Jütland am StrandHoliday house in Bisnap, North Jutian Islands for 6 people – extremely cheap in the off-season learn more
  • Ferienhaus am Strand in HostrupHoliday home on the beach – Hostrup Strand, Limfjord, Denmark learn more

Have fun with your holiday home Denmark right on the beach.

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