Easter in Denmark

Free holiday homes in Denmark over Easter

There are still many vacant holiday homes in Denmark over Easter. As you can see, the prices are falling, so that you can also get a bargain.

Easter in Denmark – are the shops open?

Even at Easter in Denmark, the shops in the larger towns are open so that you can stock up on groceries on site. But of course it is advisable to bring enough food with you, especially for the day of arrival. You have to research the opening times of the shops and stores locally, because that can be very different.

Weather Easter in Denmark

Since Easter falls on April this year and Denmark is on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, it can of course be very changeable. Basically, the typical North German weather awaits you in Denmark. On Bornholm, however, the sun usually shines once a day. So pack your rain gear just in case.

How do you celebrate Easter in Denmark?

“Påske”, as Easter is called in Danish, is, in addition to its religious meaning, similar to Germany, a welcome occasion for a short break in spring. Especially since Denmark gives its citizens one more day off than in Germany. Besides Good Friday (Long Friday), Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, Maundy Thursday (Skærtorsdag) is also a public holiday. So if you go to Denmark at Easter, you should either shop for this time beforehand or be patient. Some shops are open on Easter Saturday, but they are also very busy. Large shops are usually closed on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Monday, while smaller shops are open. Most restaurants are always happy to have customers. In the museums, the opening times on Sundays and public holidays apply. As in this country, in Denmark the home is decorated with flowers and colored eggs for Easter, loved ones are given presents and Easter eggs are hidden. The Easter Bunny is also known in Denmark, but more like chicks as heralds of spring.

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He has nothing to do with hiding or even producing eggs in Denmark. A welcome drink at Easter is påskebryg, a slightly stronger Easter beer, often served with lamb. In some regions, such as Jutland, it is a tradition to bring “Skidne Æg” – eggs in mustard sauce – on the table with dark bread on Easter days. For breakfast, as with us, there are often eggs in many variations. One pure Danish tradition, on the other hand, is the “gækkebreve”. These are letters, usually elaborately decorated, in which the recipient is asked in rhyming form to guess who the sender is. If he does not succeed, he is a fool, a “gæk”, if so, the penalty applies to the sender. The loser has to “atone” in any case. There are two ways of doing this: Either he has to give the sender a kiss or give the sender an egg. (Source: www.dk-ferien.de)

Easter is again in April in 2017. Spring has just arrived in Denmark and it is the ideal time to say goodbye to winter on a short break in Denmark. The further north you go in Denmark, the further nature is back.

These are the Easter dates in Germany:
04/18/2019 Maundy Thursday, not a public holiday in most federal states
April 19, 2019 Good Friday
04/21/2019 Easter Sunday
04/22/2019 Easter Monday

With one day of vacation, you can have 5 days of Easter vacation in Denmark.

Easter on Ærø

Easter on Ærø is the time and place to enjoy nature and to have a good time together, to enjoy the sunshine in spring, to feel the warm sun on your skin.
Easter on Ærø is time to be active – go for a walk or ride a bike. Time to relax with the family or find your fishing rod.

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Easter on Ærø is time for the free bus in search of the exciting cultural offers – to see the spring art or to explore the numerous flea markets that are like pearls on a string around Ærø at Easter.
Time to socialize with friends and family over a delicious Easter lunch and time to enjoy a good local brew from the Rise Brewery.

Ostermarket in Otteruphallen

There are great offers at the big annual flea market in Otteruphallen. Go have a great time!

Opening hours:
13/04/2017 – 13/04/2017 Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Easter in Nordsjællands bird park

An abundance of tropical birds from the remarkable little finches to the spectacular and entertaining cockatoos and macaws await you from the large tropical house as well as the grounds in the beautifully landscaped park. Come and visit us to feed our Lori parrots. A little colorful bird from Australia. You come straight into the aviary and the birds come and sit on you to eat by your hand.

Bring your family and your packed lunch and enjoy it in the most beautiful bird park in the north.

Opening hours:
Monday, Thursday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Easter break at the Danish Railway Museum

Interactive theater and steam engines

We invite you to get involved in fantastic – and completely different – experiences for children and adults. During the first half of the holiday you can enjoy the interactive theater “The Journey”, while the last half offers train rides in our steam engine on our own routes.

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Both the game and the train journeys are included in the general registration fee. Children under 5 are free.

Opening hours:
08/04/2019 – 17/04/2019 Monday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


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