Æbleskiver – Delicious small cake for Christmas time


æbleskiver are small cakes that are spherical in shape. They are traditionally eaten in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Færøerne and Germany. The cakes are usually made with wheat flour, milk, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla, salt, and sometimes with raisins. A variant of the æbleskive is the German apple pancake. Æbleskiver is a traditional dish for … Read more

Waldorf salad – a typical Danish autumn dish – the original recipe here

Waldorf salad recipe

Waldorf salad, the classic winter and Christmas salad, goes well with turkey and duck. Waldorf salad is typical for Denmark in the cooler season. It supplies the body with important nutrients such as vitamins in a delicious way. With this recipe you can easily make Waldorf salad yourself Cut the celery leaf into thin slices. … Read more

Eating out in historical places in Denmark

Eat the history, culture and architecture of Denmark in North Jutland North Jutland – Denmark’s aptly named “Land of Light” – offers an abundance of things to walk away from extensive, sun-drenched stretches of beach and world-class attractions such as the Viking Museum Lindholm Høje or the recently renovated Skagen Museum, in one of the … Read more