Camping in Dänemark

Welcome to Denmark, the land of endless coasts, charming cities and breathtaking nature! If you’re looking for an unforgettable camping adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Denmark offers a variety of campsites perfect for families, couples or groups of adventure seekers. From picturesque coastal lagoons to idyllic forests and historical sights, there is something for everyone to discover here. So pack your tents, grab your caravan or rent a cozy caravan on site and dive into the fascinating world of camping in Denmark. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go for bike rides or just enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings, this country will not disappoint you. Let yourself be enchanted by the relaxed Danish way of life and experience unforgettable moments under the clear Nordic sky. Get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget, because camping in Denmark is really something special!

Map with campsites in Denmark

Why Denmark is a popular camping destination

Denmark is undoubtedly a fantastic destination for camping lovers. The country has an impressive variety of natural beauty to offer and is known for its relaxed atmosphere. Here are some reasons why Denmark is so great as a camping destination:

Breathtaking nature: Denmark is a true natural paradise with its picturesque coasts, wide sandy beaches, idyllic forests and charming lakes. The landscape is varied and offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and bird watching.

Freedom and serenity: Denmark is known for its relaxed lifestyle and friendly atmosphere. Camping gives you the freedom to set your own rules and leave the stress of everyday life behind. Enjoy the peace, the space and the possibility to be in harmony with nature.

Family friendly: Denmark is a very family friendly country, and this also applies to campsites. Many campsites offer special facilities for children, such as playgrounds, swimming pools and organized activities. The family atmosphere and safety make Denmark an ideal destination for a camping vacation with the whole family.

Hygge experience: The Danish concept of “hygge” stands for coziness, warmth and a feeling of contentment. Camping in Denmark you can fully experience this hygge feeling. Enjoy cozy evenings around the campfire, outdoor meals together, and just being with your loved ones in a relaxed environment.

Cultural discoveries: Besides the natural beauty, Denmark also offers a rich cultural scene. Visit charming coastal towns, explore historic sites and immerse yourself in Danish culture. Taste local specialties, visit art galleries and museums, or take a trip to one of the country’s famous castles.

All in all, Denmark is a wonderful camping destination that offers you the opportunity to enjoy nature, relax and experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Whether you’re an experienced camper or camping for the first time, Denmark has something for everyone. Pack your tent and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and serenity of this unique country.

    FAQ about camping in Denmark

    Do I need a camping permit to camp in Denmark?

    Yes, for most campsites in Denmark you need an international camping card, also called Camping Card International (CCI). However, some sites allow you to camp without this pass.

    Is wild camping allowed in Denmark?

    No, wild camping is generally prohibited in Denmark. However, there are many designated campgrounds and some special “outdoor camps” where you can camp for free as long as you follow certain rules.

    Can I camp in Denmark all year round?

    Yes, but not all campsites are open all year round. Many close during the winter months. Therefore, check in advance the opening hours of the chosen campsite.

    Are pets allowed on Danish campsites?

    Pets are allowed at most campsites in Denmark, but there may be restrictions. Therefore, you should contact the respective campsite in advance to make sure that your pet is welcome.

    How much does camping cost in Denmark?

    Prices vary depending on the campsite and season. On average you can expect 20-40 euros per night for a pitch. Additional charges may apply for electricity, showers or other services.

    Are there special campsites for motorhomes?

    Yes, there are many campsites in Denmark that are specifically designed for RVs. Some also offer special services such as disposal stations for chemical toilets or special supply and disposal stations for mobile homes.

    Are the campsites in Denmark child friendly?

    Yes, many campsites in Denmark are very child-friendly and offer playgrounds, children’s activities and child-friendly facilities. However, it is always a good idea to check in advance what facilities and activities the particular campsite offers.

    Are reservations necessary for campsites in Denmark?

    In high season (July and August) it is recommended to book in advance, especially for popular campsites. In the off-season, this is often not necessary.

    Are fires allowed on campsites in Denmark?

    Most campsites in Denmark allow fires to be lit as long as it is done in designated areas and in accordance with all safety regulations. It is always important to check this on site.

    What camping equipment is recommended in Denmark?

    In addition to the usual camping equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag and cooking utensils, it is recommended to bring weatherproof clothing, as the weather in Denmark can often be changeable. A good insect repellent is also recommended, especially during the summer months.