Cycling on the island of Møn

Fahrrad Urlaub auf der Insel Mön
Is the island suitable for cycling?
The Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea is not only ideal for cycling, but also highly recommended due to the numerous scenic bike paths, various tour options, bike rental stations and the many accommodations tailored to the needs of cycling holidaymakers.

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Play golf on the island of Møn

Mön Golf Center
Where on the island of Møn can you play golf?

The fact that there are so many golf courses in the Scandinavian countries should be known among golfers. The fact that they are also very well maintained and sometimes very creatively designed are also well-known facts. On the tranquil holiday island of Møn, which is part of Denmark in the Baltic Sea, you will find a wonderful golf course with a wide range of options for all golfers.

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Holidays with your dog on the island of Mön

Vacation with your dog in Denmark

If you want or have to take your dog with you on vacation, you often have problems finding a suitable vacation spot. And once this has been found, it is difficult to find a place where dogs are allowed. That is why we recommend the country Denmark and especially the island of Mön. Because dogs are not only allowed here, they are also welcome.

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Getting married in Denmark – for example on the island of Mön

Get married in Copenhagen

Getting married in Denmark – nothing stands in the way of getting married

Schnell und einfach Heiraten in Dänemark, zum Beispiel auf Mön

If you don’t want to wait so long to get married here in Germany, until you have all the papers (documents) with Registry office are present and have been viewed, he can go to Denmark with a clear conscience and get married there. For example, a certificate of marital status is not required. A marriage agency that maintains contact with the registry offices in Denmark is often helpful here. The waiting times for marriages that are required in Germany do not exist in Denmark.

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Günter Grass on the island of Mön

Günter Grass tot
Günter Grass

The famous German writer Günter Grass, born in Gdansk in 1927 and died in Lübeck on April 13, 2015, felt strongly connected to the Baltic Sea. For years the artist, who also painted, sculpted and illustrated several of his literary works, moved to Denmark on the island of Mön. The small island with a population of less than 10,000 is located in the south of the largest Danish island of Zealand and east of the island of Falster. Similar to the island of Rügen opposite it on the German coast, Mön also has chalk cliffs. Möns Klint is eight kilometers long and 128 meters high. The steep coast to the east of Mön is made of snow-white writing chalk – a fantastic sight.

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The flora on the island of Mön

Pflanzenwelt auf der Insel Mön
Pflanzenwelt auf der Insel Mön
The small Danish island of Mön in the Baltic Sea is due to its unique nature the perfect travel destination for nature lovers and hikers. The island has an area of around 200 km² and borders in the north on the island of Zealand, in the south on the island of Falster. Both islands can be easily reached via bridges.

Mön is considered Denmark’s most beautiful island, and this is not least due to the healthy nature and the species-rich flora. In spring the island is covered with primroses and leather flowers and the numerous beech forests with some very old trees and many marked paths make the island particularly interesting for hikers, but also for all other nature lovers.

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The island of Nyord

The Danish island of Nyord is located north of the island of Mön on the Steger Bay, not far from the Ulvshale peninsula and, with its short length of around 3.8 kilometers and its width of around 2.3 kilometers, has only about 50 inhabitants and an area of just under five Square kilometers, which is mainly covered in the east by salt marshes and marshland.

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