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Grocery shopping on the island of Mön is a bit more expensive, just like anywhere else in Denmark. So if you want to save money you should take some products from Germany with you when you travel. Unfortunately, you lose the fun of discovering other eating habits and products. A mix of products you have brought with you and Danish produce is certainly ideal here. Sugar or peas are certainly not a Danish specialty, but other products such as yoghurt products are.

We compared the current Coop advertising on the island of Mön with the German prices on Real and Sky. The following table shows the prices in direct comparison. We have converted the Danish prices at the current exchange rate. By the way, here is this one Currency converter quite helpful.

productPrice in DenmarkPrice in Germanyunit
Bar€ 4.274.32 €kg
chicken breast10.60 €€ 5.99kg
Seasoned belly meat€ 10.07€ 6.99kg
Bratwurst raw4.70 €€ 7.90kg
Fish box17.18 €10.60 €KG
Breakfast rolls3.42 €2.20 €kg
jam€ 6.908.79 €kg
Corn in a can5.11 €2.82 €kg
ice cream7.32 €€ 2.54kg
cut cheese€ 11.09€ 7.90kg
potatoes1.79 €1.00 €kg
Honeydew melon1.61 €1.99 €Pc
beer1.17 €€ 1.05liter
coffee9.13 €€ 7.50kg
Wine€ 5.323.00 €liter
Semi-sweet14.38 €€ 8.99liter
Sparkling wine5.29 €2.65 €liter
Pepsi1.49 €€ 0.75liter
total€ 120.83€ 86.98
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