Campsites in Denmark

Map with campsites throughout Denmark

Here is a list of some camping regions in Denmark

Camping Denmark North Sea: The North Sea coast of Denmark is known for its impressive sandy beaches and picturesque dunes. Campsites along the North Sea offer breathtaking natural scenery, ideal conditions for surfing and a relaxed atmosphere. learn more

Camping Denmark Baltic Sea: The Baltic Sea coast of Denmark attracts with charming coastal towns, historical sights and beautiful sandy beaches. Campsites on the Baltic Sea offer a mix of relaxation and cultural exploration opportunities. learn more

Camping Copenhagen: If you want to explore the vibrant capital of Denmark, there are also campsites near Copenhagen. Enjoy the combination of city life and nature, visit the historical sights, explore the museums and parks, and soak up the lively atmosphere of the city. learn more

Camping Bornholm: Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea, is known for its spectacular nature and rich cultural heritage. Campsites on Bornholm offer you the opportunity to explore the stunning cliffs, green forests and idyllic beaches of the island. learn more

Camping Skagen: Skagen, the northernmost town in Denmark, is famous for its impressive nature and artistic atmosphere. Campsites in Skagen offer a fantastic location to explore the unique landscape with its sand dunes, beaches and characteristic coastline. learn more

Camping Jutland: Jutland is the largest peninsula in Denmark and offers a variety of camping options. The region features varied landscapes, from sandy beaches to national parks and historic towns. Campsites in Jutland offer you the opportunity to discover the beauty of this region. learn more

Camping Fyn: Fyn is an island in the Danish South Sea and known as the “Garden of Denmark”. The island offers a relaxed atmosphere, picturesque coastal villages and lush green landscapes. Campsites on Fyn are ideal for nature lovers and offer idyllic surroundings. learn more

Camping Vejers Strand: Vejers Strand is a popular vacation resort on the west coast of Denmark and offers miles of sandy beaches and an impressive dune landscape. Campsites in Vejers Strand are perfect for families and offer a relaxing environment for a beach vacation. learn more

Camping Henne Strand: Henne Strand is another attractive seaside resort on the west coast of Denmark. The wide sandy beach and the surrounding nature invite you to relax and unwind. Campsites in Henne Strand offer a wide range of recreational activities and a cozy atmosphere. learn more

Camping Rømø: Rømø is an island on the Danish west coast and is known for its long, wide sandy beach. The island offers good conditions for water sports activities such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. Campsites on Rømø offer you the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature and relaxed atmosphere of the island. learn more

These campsites in Denmark offer a variety of ways to explore the country’s natural beauty, relax and spend some restful time outdoors. Whether you prefer camping in the coastal regions or close to cities, there is a campsite in Denmark for every taste.

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    Is camping possible in Denmark?

    Yes, camping is possible in Denmark. There are numerous campsites scattered throughout the country.

    Which Camping Card in Denmark?

    Camping Key Europe is the most widely used camping card in Denmark and is accepted by most campsites.

    Is camping allowed in Denmark?

    Yes, camping is allowed in Denmark, but only on designated campsites. Wild camping is usually prohibited.

    Is camping expensive in Denmark?

    The cost of camping in Denmark varies depending on the campsite and the season, but it is generally in line with the European average.

    Is there free camping in Denmark?

    Free camping is usually not allowed in Denmark. However, there are so-called nature campsites, which are often cheaper than regular campsites.

    What does “Camping prohibited” mean in Denmark?

    “Camping prohibited” means that it is not allowed to pitch a tent, park an RV or stay overnight at this location.

    Where is camping in Denmarkemark the most beautiful?

    The beauty of a campsite often depends on personal preferences. Popular areas are Jutland, the Danish South Sea Islands and the region around Copenhagen.

    How much does a camping pitch cost in Denmark?

    Prices vary depending on location, equipment and season. On average, you should expect 20-40 euros per night.

    What to consider when camping in Denmark?

    It is important to respect the rules of the campsite, practice environmental protection, and remember that wild camping is usually prohibited. You should also have the Camping Key Europe Card with you to be able to camp at most campgrounds.

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