Holiday homes on Funen

The island of Funen is relatively central in Denmark and can score with a wonderful landscape and great holiday homes. Funen was massively shaped by the Ice Age. There are rolling hills, gorges and a wonderful sandy beach. The island is particularly family-friendly. Numerous leisure activities attract many holiday home holidaymakers to Funen every year. Places like Odense, Faaborg and Bogense are waiting for holidaymakers. read more about Funen here

Holiday home offers island of Funen

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Fyn is a beautiful part of Denmark. For centuries the island has developed a different, more coastal culture than the mainland, and this is still visible today. Funen actually refers to the island of Funen, which is twinned with the island of Als. By ferry or plane it is not far to these beautiful vacation homes. The natural beauty of Funen is the jewel in the crown. There are also some pretty towns to discover on Fyn.

Fyn is the third largest island in Denmark. It has a mild climate that warms in winter and cools in summer. It is great for vacations, with its vast expanse of many kilometers of coastline, half of the island below 150 meters above sea level and less than 100 days of frost per year. If you are looking for a vacation home, you can try the shape of the coast of Funen. There are many to choose from!

Many people rent vacation homes to avoid crowded airports or high fees. Fyn has a lot to offer when it comes to experiences. In Denmark it is common to have a summer house in the countryside. You can have the experience in the city center of Odense or in the middle of nature with beautiful surroundings.

Holiday homes on Funen

The island of Funen offers tourists numerous activities such as hiking, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, golfing, climbing, kite surfing, camping, shopping, bird watching, windsurfing, hunting, fishing, water skiing, diving, boating, fishing.

Tourist attractive areas on Fyn

  • Odense surroundings
  • Bogense surroundings
  • Middelfart surroundings
  • Faaborg surroundings