Large luxury vacation homes for many people

Denmark vacation is often a vacation with family or friends. Sometimes 10 to 20 or more people come together for whom you are looking for shared accommodation. Large luxury holiday homes, often referred to as pool houses, are ideal here.

Large luxury holiday homes are ideal for these travel groups

  • Large families with grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • A group of friends
  • Soccer team, bowling club, surfing friends
  • Work team that also gets along well or should get along well in private (team building)
  • Self-awareness groups, discussion groups …)
  • A group that has to work longer in Denmark.
  • etc.

Holiday homes for so many people have special requirements so that everyone feels comfortable and doesn’t get annoying after a short time, but rather enjoys your vacation. Sufficient space for all guests, opportunities for retreat and employment, especially for children and young people, are required.

What requirements should you make of a large holiday home?

We have put together a small list for you here.

  • Sufficient rooms (bedrooms) must be available so that the parties can also separate
  • The outside area must be large. The neighboring holiday home should be far enough away (noise).
  • Extra leisure rooms for children and young people with table football, billiards, table tennis etc. are ideal
  • A large shed, e.g. for bicycles, surfboards
  • A large TV screen with internet connection and game console
  • An indoor pool (swimming pool)
  • A sauna, not just for 2 people

Large luxury holiday homes in Denmark are usually not so easy to find at Casamundo, Tui Ferienhaus, Novasol or with the search engine. There are specialized providers here, such as .
In Denmark, large groups particularly enjoy vacationing on the Danish North Sea, but also on the island of Moen and Bornholm. We also keep getting inquiries from film teams who are looking for large accommodations (e.g. on a villa) in Denmark. A large luxury holiday home is also suitable here.

When it comes to booking a vacation home, there are a few things you should keep in mind to have the best experience possible. Here are a few tips to help you book a luxury vacation home:

1. do your research: for any vacation home, it is important that you do your research before booking. This is especially true for luxury properties, as you want to make sure you get what you expect. Read reviews, look at photos and compare prices to get an idea of what’s out there.

2. book in advance: luxury vacation homes can be in high demand, so it is important to book in advance to avoid disappointment. This also gives you time to plan your trip and make sure you have everything you need.

3. be prepared to pay: Luxury vacation homes are usually on the higher end of the price spectrum, so be prepared to pay a little more. However, this is usually reflected in the quality of the house and the equipment offered.

4. check the amenities: when you book a luxury vacation home, you want to make sure it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Check things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the type of kitchen, and whether there is a swimming pool or other recreational facilities.

5. ask about the area: if you are not familiar with the area, it is a good idea to ask about activities in the area. The cottage staff should be able to give you some suggestions and help you plan your stay.

Follow these tips to book the perfect luxury vacation home in Blavand and guarantee you a wonderful stay.

PS: The holiday home in the picture is by the way in Dueodde and is designed for 22 people.
You can find all information right here: