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LEGOLAND invites you to a huge Halloween, fantastic fireworks and additional opening days in November In autumn 2021, LEGOLAND® is offering you a very special experience, as there will be huge fireworks and special occasions. As always – enjoy the park with a touch of Halloween – a magical experience for the whole family. We … Read more

Æbleskiver – Delicious small cake for Christmas time


æbleskiver are small cakes that are spherical in shape. They are traditionally eaten in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Færøerne and Germany. The cakes are usually made with wheat flour, milk, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla, salt, and sometimes with raisins. A variant of the æbleskive is the German apple pancake. Æbleskiver is a traditional dish for … Read more

Danish Christmas bread

Braided delicacy from the Danish kitchen Everyone looks forward to family time at Christmas. After a hearty lunch and perhaps a little nap, the scent of freshly brewed coffee and home-baked cookies will soon spread throughout the house – it’s coffee time! Would you like to surprise your family with something new for Advent coffee? … Read more

Christmas in Denmark

Danish Christmas traditions In Denmark, too, all signs point to Christmas in December. There are brightly lit Christmas trees in squares and gardens, and the breweries brew various Christmas beers (juleøl) that are stronger than the usual beer. People meet on various occasions in a relaxed atmosphere, drink mulled wine (gløgg) and eat donuts (æbleskiver) … Read more

Beats Bornholm: Læsø is Denmark’s sunny island

According to a new report, Læsø has by far the most hours of sunshine of the year. The island of Bornholm, Denmark’s sunny island, is tilting from its base. Bornholm has long been able to boast of being Denmark’s sunny island. But now it’s over. Nobody beats Læsø when it comes to hours of sunshine. … Read more

Bornholm: A new 67-kilometer hiking route leads through the most beautiful landscape

Bornholm’s nature always offers more than the beautiful rocky coasts and sandy beaches, and this second part of Bornholm is now becoming more accessible, says the Danish Nature Agency. A new walking route through Bornholm called Højlyngsstien will soon become a reality. With funds from the government agreement Summer in Nature 2020, Bornholm is now … Read more

Denmark’s largest reconstructed Viking longhouse opens

The new ‘Kings Hall’ is the latest addition to the Lejre Land of Legends open air museum. Located 45 minutes west of Copenhagen, it is a recreated version of the largest Viking Age building in Denmark – and the largest so-called “King’s Hall” ever found in the Nordic region. The building is due to be … Read more

Playful test of strength with nature: New adventure center “Naturkraft” on the Danish North Sea

Smells and sounds, shapes and colors, tastes and feelings: the new adventure center “Naturkraft” at Ringkøbing Fjord is now taking visitors on a journey through the landscapes and seasons of the region Nowhere else in Denmark does nature show its powers as clearly as at the North Sea: From now on, the natural phenomena of … Read more

Denmark’s “Sankt Hans Aften” explains: witches and rain

Sankt Hans Aften Bornholm 2020

Bonfires will be lit throughout Denmark on the evening of June 23rd, 2020 by singing in choirs, during traditional Sankt Hans Aften celebrations. Although many cultures celebrate midsummer – the shortest night of the year – with fire, this night in Denmark is steeped in customs that date back to darker and more superstitious times … Read more

Bodum Blå – more original than the original

A tiny blue decoration. But one that separated the water, democratized the good life and, in particular, painted a new image of women. It was created in a creative process that pushed the boundaries of conventional design and, in one poetic stroke, produced a new radical minimal expression. It is the dishes Blå. Designed by … Read more

Christopher pays tribute to Bornholm – Watch the music video here

My favorite island in the whole world. This is how the Danish singer Christopher describes his relationship with Bornholm, which he visited in early spring to record the music video for the single Leap of Faith. This weekend it came out and the result offers a wealth of beautiful pictures from Bornholm, starting in Ringebakkerne. … Read more

Politiken magazine with 10 pages on Bornholm

The newspaper throws his love on Bornholm with 10 full pages. Bornholm is currently promoting within Denmark to attract more Danish tourists. Hammershus, Christiansø, Kalas Ice, Dueodde, Cliffs of the Sanctuary, Bornholm on Wheels (Jan Gildam’s food truck), Melstedgaard Outdoor and Agriculture Museum (Gaarden), Bison in Almindingen, The Red Warehouse restaurant, Stavehøl Waterfall … The … Read more

Bornholm will be one of two Danish energy islands that make green electricity an export good

Before 2030, Bornholm will be converted into an energy island connected to offshore wind farms and delivering 2 GW of electricity. At the same time, an artificial energy island is being built in the North Sea that will provide at least 10 GW of wind power over the long term. On Wednesday, the Danish government … Read more

Denmark ferries and Corona – what do you have to consider?

It currently looks like Denmark will open the border for German vacationers for the summer holidays. But what about the ferry connections? What do you have to consider? The Bornholmslinjen shipping company has already gained a lot of experience here in recent months for the crossing to Bornholm, so that the safety of the guests … Read more

Rare orchid species spreads on Bornholm

After years of decline, the stock of shelf orchids (elder orchid) is Latin Dactylorhiza Sambucina – an almost extinct orchid that grows in the Kåsegård loop in Klinteby – has more than doubled. This is announced by landscape manager Katrine Høst from the BRK Ministry for Nature and the Environment. In recent years, insect hotels … Read more

Two Danish islands are the most sustainable in Europe

Bornholm is the second most sustainable island in Europe The Danish island of Bornholm is the first winner of the EU Responsible Islands Award. The Danish island received the title in recognition of its innovative energy solutions and its contribution to a sustainable and climate-friendly Europe, the European Commission announced today. The prize is endowed … Read more

Bornholm – New great rock carvings found

In Hammersholm near Allinge an unprecedented carving field has just been discovered, on which 17 Bronze Age vessels were carved into the rock. The archaeologist Michael S. Thorsen thinks it is advantageous to take an Easter excursion to the site and see carvings. They are not painted, but the new carving field is very attractive. … Read more

Luxury holiday homes with perfect equipment – pool, sauna, WiFi …

We have a brand new list with the best holiday homes for the discerning customer with pool, sauna, WiFi and everything a pampered heart desires. Take a look at our list. There is sure to be something for you here too. The holiday homes are often very large and offer plenty of space for larger … Read more