Bornholm will be one of two Danish energy islands that make green electricity an export good

Before 2030, Bornholm will be converted into an energy island connected to offshore wind farms and delivering 2 GW of electricity. At the same time, an artificial energy island is being built in the North Sea that will provide at least 10 GW of wind power over the long term. On Wednesday, the Danish government … Read more

Rare orchid species spreads on Bornholm

After years of decline, the stock of shelf orchids (elder orchid) is Latin Dactylorhiza Sambucina – an almost extinct orchid that grows in the Kåsegård loop in Klinteby – has more than doubled. This is announced by landscape manager Katrine Høst from the BRK Ministry for Nature and the Environment. In recent years, insect hotels … Read more

Two Danish islands are the most sustainable in Europe

Bornholm is the second most sustainable island in Europe The Danish island of Bornholm is the first winner of the EU Responsible Islands Award. The Danish island received the title in recognition of its innovative energy solutions and its contribution to a sustainable and climate-friendly Europe, the European Commission announced today. The prize is endowed … Read more

Bornholm – New great rock carvings found

In Hammersholm near Allinge an unprecedented carving field has just been discovered, on which 17 Bronze Age vessels were carved into the rock. The archaeologist Michael S. Thorsen thinks it is advantageous to take an Easter excursion to the site and see carvings. They are not painted, but the new carving field is very attractive. … Read more

Where’s Greta? Greta Thunberg has reached New York – arrived!

Where is the sailing ship of the Scandinavian environmental activist Greta Thunberg right now? Here you can exactly follow the position of Greta on a map from Vesselfinder. At the moment Greta Thunberg is on a dead straight course towards the USA. It started on September 14th. in Great Britain. Latest Greta Updates: 08/28/2014 2:00 … Read more