Under the stars of Bornholm: the ultimate experience of sea camping

A whiff of salt in the air, the sound of waves, the song of seagulls and the gentle crackle of a campfire – nothing brings you closer to nature than a camping adventure right by the sea. If you are looking for this incomparable experience, the Danish island of Bornholm is the place for you. With its picturesque beauty, charming campsites and comprehensive facilities, Bornholm is a paradise for camping lovers.

Campsites in Bornholm

Dueodde Family Camping & Hostel

Camping Dueodde Familiecamping & Hostel, is located on the southernmost tip of the island and offers direct access to some of Bornholm’s best beaches. Here you can relax in the warm summer sun and enjoy the impressive view of the Baltic Sea. The campsite offers a wide range of amenities such as modern sanitary facilities, a kitchen, barbecue areas and more. Children will love the playground, and adults can explore the nearby hiking and biking trails.

Sannes family camping

Further north on the coast you will find Sannes family camping. This place is known for its spectacular cliff and ocean views, which make for some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. Sannes offers luxury glamping options alongside traditional camping options. In addition, the site has a wellness center with sauna, whirlpool and heated outdoor pool – perfect for those who want a little luxury on their camping adventure.

Hasle Camping

On the west coast of the island lies Hasle Camping, a family-run campsite with a cozy, peaceful atmosphere. The site is within walking distance of the beach and surrounded by lush forests, ideal for hiking and biking. Nearby Hasle Havn offers opportunities for fishing and sailing. The campsite offers both pitches for tents and caravans and cottages for rent.

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Insider tips

#1 Born holm‘s cuisine: Bornholm is known for its smoky flavors. Visit a traditional smokehouse and taste the delicious smoked herring. Nordlandet Restaurant, on the northern tip of the island, is an absolute must for gourmet lovers.

#2 Outdoor activities: Take advantage of the wide variety of outdoor activities Bornholm has to offer. The island is a paradise for cyclists with more than 200 kilometers of bike paths. Kayaking, fishing and hiking are other popular activities.

#3 Art and culture: Bornholm has a rich art scene. Visit the charming ceramic workshops

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