Copenhagen Through American Eyes: A Portrait of a Fascinating City

It’s easy to see why Copenhagen, the charming capital of Denmark, is attracting more and more Americans. With its rich history, unparalleled architecture, and dedicated focus on sustainability, Copenhagen is a city that captivates American visitors in unique and inspiring ways. Here’s a look at what makes Copenhagen so fascinating to Americans and how it differs from cities in the U.S.

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A jewel of sustainability

Copenhagen is at the top of the list of the greenest cities in the world and has an ambitious plan to be climate neutral by 2025. For many Americans, this is a welcome change from most U.S. cities that are still struggling to implement sustainable solutions. Copenhagen’s commitment to the environment is visible everywhere – from its numerous bike lanes to its clean, efficient public transportation.

A treasure chest of history and architecture

Unlike many U.S. cities, which are still relatively young, Copenhagen has a long and rich history. This history is visible in every street and every building. From its well-preserved medieval buildings to its magnificent Renaissance palaces, the city is a living history book that fascinates Americans.

The Danish design tradition has also left a deep impression. Copenhagen is a city that perfectly combines aesthetics and function, which is reflected in its impressive architecture. The clean, minimalist lines of the Danish design movement are very different from the more lush and extravagant styles found in many American cities.

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Hygge: The Danish secret to happiness

One of the reasons Copenhagen is so enticing to Americans is the concept of “hygge.” This Danish word, which has no direct translation, denotes an atmosphere of coziness, warmth and community. It is an essential part of Danish culture and runs through everything they do.

Compared to the often hectic pace of life in the U.S., hygge is a soothing antidote. It can be found in the cozy cafes, in the friendly faces of the people and in the calm, serene atmosphere that pervades the city.

What is the best way for Americans to travel to Copenhagen?

Most Americans travel to Copenhagen by air. Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport (CPH) is the largest airport in Denmark and one of the largest in Northern Europe. It is served by a variety of airlines, including several that offer direct flights from various cities in the United States.

The flight time varies depending on the departure point and whether a direct flight or a connection is used. Direct flights from the east coast of the US, such as New York, usually take about 7-8 hours. Flights from the middle of the country, such as Chicago, take about 8-9 hours. From the West Coast, such as Los Angeles, direct flights can take about 11 hours.

Upon arrival at Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport, travelers have several options to get to the city center. The airport has an excellent train and metro connection, which allows a quick and convenient trip to the center of Copenhagen. There are also numerous cabs and car rental companies on site.

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It is also possible to travel to Copenhagen by ship, especially if you are taking a cruise through Northern Europe. The Port of Copenhagen is one of the busiest cruise ports in Northern Europe and is served by many major cruise lines.

Regardless of the method of arrival chosen, American travelers will find that Copenhagen is well connected to the international transportation network and offers a variety of options to begin a visit to this fascinating city.


Copenhagen is a city that stands out from American cities because of its commitment to sustainability, its rich history and culture, and its unique sense of hygge. It’s this mix of factors that makes the city so intriguing and draws more and more Americans to explore this charming Scandinavian city. It’s no wonder that after visiting Copenhagen, many Americans return home with a new appreciation for what a city can be and a desire to bring a little more hygge into their own lives.

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