Secret meeting in Copenhagen: focus on the Ukraine war

Amid tense geopolitical circumstances, Denmark will be the site of a discreet high-level meeting in the coming days. The key players: key figures from different parts of the world coming together to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

According to Danish media reports, Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser to U.S. President Joe Biden, will attend the meeting in Copenhagen, which is being held at the request of the Ukrainian government.

However, this event is not only of interest to the Western powers. It has also invited officials from countries that have not yet officially condemned the war, including India, Brazil and South Africa. However, the final list of participants is still pending and could change.

The participation of these countries could be of strategic importance, especially given the relationship of the so-called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to the crisis. The BRICS countries have so far shown only restrained reactions to the conflict. Instead of supporting sanctions against Russia, for example, Brazilian President Lula has stated that both Ukraine and Russia are responsible for the outbreak of war. Russia and South Africa have moved even closer together militarily.

China’s participation in the meeting is still uncertain.

This meeting takes place against the backdrop of a controversial political development. According to reports, Hungary, a NATO and EU member, has kept secret a group of Ukrainian prisoners of war who were transferred from Russia under mysterious circumstances in early June. The Hungarian government, which maintains close relations with Moscow, has ignored all diplomatic requests from Ukraine. This has led to growing tensions between Hungary and other NATO countries.

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Therefore, this meeting could be not only a platform for discussions on the current state of the Ukraine conflict, but also an opportunity to reassess the positions and commitments of all parties involved.

However, it remains to be seen what concrete impact this meeting will have on the ongoing crisis and whether the non-condemnation of the war by some participating countries will change. The eyes of the world are on Copenhagen, where the decisions of the next few days could shape the geopolitical landscape for months to come.

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