Why vacation on the island of Mön?

We keep getting emails in which returnees report from a Mön holiday, how they liked it on the island of Mön. Here is a short report from the Steffens family from southern Brandenburg:

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We wanted to take a short break in early summer (June) and didn’t really know where to go. The journey should be quick and we didn’t want mass tourism – the Baltic Sea would be great. My husband and I did some research on the internet and came across the islands of Bornholm and Mön fairly quickly. The journey to Mön seemed to be much faster, so we decided to go there without booking accommodation beforehand.

We boarded the Skandlines ferry to Gedser in Rostock in the afternoon. The day was cloudless, so even the short ferry crossing (1.5 hours) to southern Denmark was an experience. From Gedser it was then about an hour’s drive to the island of Mön. You can reach Mön over a bridge. The island then greeted us in a very special evening light, as we had never seen it before.

As time was getting on, we couldn’t take care of the beauty of nature at first, we had to act quickly Find cheap hotel . The golf hotel was too expensive for us, so we drove around until we found a “room free” sign. Somebody had built a small wooden hut on a property that was OK for two people. We rented a room there for 50 euros per night.

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This was the starting point for our excursions. We were of course at Möns Klint, the incredibly beautiful and high chalk cliff. The Baltic Sea stretches out under the rocks in Caribbean colors. The water is colored as blue by the lime as the shell limestone otherwise only manages in the South Pacific. Liselund Castle is also located here with the beautiful, large lawn in front of it. Many locals spend their Sunday afternoons picnicking here. Everything a little British like in Hampstead ;-).

There are some quaint restaurants in Stege, and the most beautiful beaches can be found in the north of the island of Mön. Fortunately, none of this is overcrowded at all, so you can take a relaxing holiday here while all hell is going on on Rügen or the Dars.

We also saw campsites. However, these were right on the street. But there are certainly better ones.

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