Bodum Blå – more original than the original

A tiny blue decoration. But one that separated the water, democratized the good life and, in particular, painted a new image of women. It was created in a creative process that pushed the boundaries of conventional design and, in one poetic stroke, produced a new radical minimal expression.

It is the dishes Blå.

Designed by Grethe Meyer in 1965 and now reissued by Bodum.

Blå – more original than the original

Originally, Grethe Meyer imagined that the Blå tableware should be made from porcelain. But for financial reasons it was made in Faiance as early as 1965. Now, more than half a century later, Bodum is putting the Blå tableware back into production. And this time made of durable and exclusive porcelain. The way it should be.

A daily pleasure

Grethe Meyer wanted her designs to be minimalist and a daily treat for her users. Practical in the kitchen and nice on the table. The dishes are well thought out and space-saving, as all parts can be stacked and used with different functions.

In their own words:

“Designing for people is what really matters. This is my bond. Design is also the deepest human relationship: being able to pass on my love to others through the objects I have designed. “

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