Autumn holidays on the island of Mön

Herbstferien auf der Insel Mön
Herbstferien auf der Insel Mön

Now the golden autumn lies ahead of us and with it again some free days that can be used for a short trip to the nearby island of Mön. The clear air and the special light of the island provide a very special relaxation factor. For a few days you should rent a small hotel or B&B pension. From there you can go on wonderful hikes on the coast and in the interior of the island. On the cliffs of the chalk cliffs, you now have a particularly good chance of finding fossils, because the main holiday season is over. It’s getting even quieter on the already tranquil island. It is wonderful to stop in a small, warm cafe at sunset or when it rains and eat homemade cakes.

Autumn on Mön is ideal for cycling or jogging. There are enough ways. Car traffic hardly plays a disruptive role.

Have fun on your autumn vacation.

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