Holidays with your dog on the island of Mön

If you want or have to take your dog with you on vacation, you often have problems finding a suitable vacation spot. And once this has been found, it is difficult to find a place where dogs are allowed. That is why we recommend the country Denmark and especially the island of Mön. Because dogs are not only allowed here, they are also welcome.

The island of dog lovers

Mön the Danish island in the Baltic Sea has around 10,000 inhabitants and is a popular holiday island especially for families with children and dogs. Older holidaymakers can also enjoy their holidays here in peace, because the island of Mön has fine sandy beaches with a bright blue sea and beautiful forests. At certain times of the year there is absolute peace and quiet and the vacation becomes a real relaxation.

Entry requirements for dogs

If you want to take your dog with you on vacation, you have to observe certain entry regulations that must be observed. This of course also applies to Denmark and the importation of certain breeds is generally prohibited in Denmark. Pitt Bull Terriers and Tosa Inu are classified as particularly dangerous in Denmark and are not allowed to enter, not even their crossbreeds. If this is disregarded, there is a risk of a substantial fine, possibly even a prison sentence and the dog being put to sleep. A chip or tattoo, an EU pet passport and a valid rabies vaccination are also required in Denmark.

Dogs are also welcome on the beaches

In numerous holiday homes on the island of Mön, the landlords allow dogs to be brought along with no ifs or buts. Long walks on the beach are a great experience for humans and dogs. On most sections of the beach there is no leash obligation even from October to March. Even in summer you only have to leash on certain beaches, it really doesn’t get any better.

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The diverse range of sports and leisure activities

Those who love sports and activities on vacation are also in good hands on the island of Mön. Golf, cycling, horse riding and hiking are all activities that can be enjoyed on the island of Mön. Active vacationers get their money’s worth here and there are numerous playgrounds for families with children. And there is even a dog forest for the dog, where your darling can run around freely and experience “dog adventures”.

Numerous holiday homes for vacationers with dogs

There are numerous holiday homes on the island of Mön where holidaymakers with dogs are welcome. However, if you want to rent such a holiday home for the holiday season, you should inform yourself and book in good time. Because the most beautiful and cheapest holiday homes are sold very quickly, especially in summer.

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