Cycling on the island of Møn

Fahrrad Urlaub auf der Insel Mön
Is the island suitable for cycling?
The Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea is not only ideal for cycling, but also highly recommended due to the numerous scenic bike paths, various tour options, bike rental stations and the many accommodations tailored to the needs of cycling holidaymakers.

In addition, you can also see the many attractive sights of the island such as the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint including the prehistoric adventure museum GeoCenter Møns Klint, which opened in 2007, the neighboring classicist Liselund Castle, the romantic fairy tale forest Ulvshale, the remote fishing and bird island Nyord, the Limescale paintings in the churches of Elmelunde, Fanefjord and Keldby, the fishing and leisure harbor Klintholm Havn, the lighthouse Møn Fyr and the well over 100 megalithic tombs and megalithic structures spread across the island can be easily and comfortably discovered and explored by bike.

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Are there bike paths?
As already mentioned, there is a large selection of different cycle paths and tours on Møn, the most popular are certainly the sections of the 630-kilometer long-distance cycle path from Berlin to Copenhagen, which is also Møn’s most important after crossing the Grønsund between Falster, Møn and Bogø and the largest town in Stege with its 3800 inhabitants. If you want to get to know the small, friendly island better on a two-wheeler, you can use the port city, which is known nationwide, especially for its traditional Tuesday market (Tirsdags Marked), as a starting point for further tours, in the local â € œTuristbureauâ € on the central street Storegade 2 Interested parties can receive a brochure with 7 different cycle routes across the island on request, which can also be used to navigate to all of the above-mentioned sights. The approx. 53 kilometer long island tour “Møn rundt”, which runs from Stege over the small community of Borre Sogn and the castle parks of Liselund and Klintholm, is also easy to cope with in one day. If you think you are a little more sporty, you might even tackle the 342 kilometer long Mönchsweg (Munkevejen) cycle path starting from Glückstadt in Schleswig-Holstein, which can be found in Denmark and on Møn under route number 88 and the stations HÃ ¥ rbølle, Hjelm , Tøvelde, Elmelunde and Stege.

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Are there bike shops, rental stations and workshops?
In Stege on Møn there is a bike rental in Storegade street not far from the tourist office, the GeoCenter Møns Klint even rents mountain bikes free of charge to the first 30 participants on their tours along the chalk cliffs, which take place every 1st Saturday of the month from April to October from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and every day from June 27 to August 11, also from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. You can also find out more about other bike shops, rental stations and workshops on Møn online from Denmark’s cycling association Cyklistforbundet; the rental company Cykelbørsen in Copenhagen also offers the option of ordering bikes and picking them up anywhere in Denmark, although at least three bikes must be rented . In addition, numerous providers of holiday homes and holiday apartments on Møn also lend or rent bicycles to their guests, information on this can be obtained either directly from them or from the above-mentioned tourist office in Stege.

What are the beautiful routes to take while staying on Møn?
One of the most popular and most beautiful routes on Møn is certainly the one along the chalk cliffs; the 28-kilometer-long Oltidsruten in the west of the island, the 20 kilometers around the inland lake Stege Nor, and the 20-kilometer stretch from Tøvelde to Stege are also very scenic and the 32 kilometers from Stubbekøbing on Falster to Tøvelde, where you can also see Grønjægers Høj / Grønsalen, the longest long dolmen in the country. By the way, a very popular address with cyclists is the holiday accommodation Bed and Bike Tiendegà ¥ rden in Borre, which specializes in sporty holidaymakers on two wheels and also offers its own bike rental.

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How are the differences in altitude?
As in all of Denmark, the differences in altitude on Møn are relatively small, there are very few and short steep inclines, the highest point at just 143 meters is Aborrebjerg in the very east of the island, not far from the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint. Thus, all tours on the island are basically also suitable for cyclists who are not quite as trained as well as for children and seniors.

What to pay attention to?
Although cycling is practically a matter of course and good form in Denmark, there is a little more value there on the safe and traffic-friendly equipment of the two-wheelers than in Germany. In the case of bikes that you rent or borrow yourself on site, you usually don’t have to worry about it, but if you bring your own bike from home you should make sure that it has a bell, a white reflector in front and a red reflector at the back, yellow reflectors on the pedals and on the spokes or a reflective tape on the bike, the equipment with functioning bicycle lamps after dark is of course also to be observed.

When is the best time to ride a bike?
Basically spring, summer and autumn are the best seasons for a cycling holiday on Møn, in winter it is not freezing cold due to the rather mild Baltic Sea climate, but strong winds and heavy rain showers can make getting around by bike a rather strenuous undertaking . Møn has the most hours of sunshine in May and June, and most of the rain falls in July and November.

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