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Bornholm Balka Strand
Bornholm Balka Strand

The island of Bornholm is the easternmost island in Denmark and is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Together with its six uninhabited side islands, it is located approx. 80 kilometers northeast of Rügen.
The island can only be reached by ferry from Germany, Sweden or Denmark. The ferries to Bornholm depart from the cities of Sassnitz (Germany), Ystad (Sweden) and Køge (Denmark). It should be noted that high-speed ferries are available on some routes, but the timetables may differ depending on the time of year. The main providers are â € œScandlinesâ € and â € œBornholmerFærgenâ €. Caravans, mobile homes or cars can be taken on the ferries without any problems, but this must be stated when booking. Bicycles and motorbikes are also very popular.

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The island of Bornholm is not called the “island of sun” in Denmark for a reason. The island is characterized by the mild, almost Mediterranean climate. You can look forward to more hours of sunshine there than in any other part of Denmark. Compared to other regions, there is also less precipitation. Fig trees, which otherwise only grow in the Mediterranean, can be found all over Bornholm.

With 140 kilometers of coastline, Bornholm Island offers beaches for every taste. One of the most popular beaches is â € ž Dueodde â € œ. It extends over 8 km at the southern tip of Bornholm. The special thing about this beach is the fine, white sand, which was even used for egg timers in the past.
Another very popular beach is the “Balka Strand”. It is considered to be the most child-friendly beach and in summer it is a paradise for beginners. The beach is in Balka Bay, south of the town of Nexø. This is just a selection of the many beaches on Bornholm Island.

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But bathing is not the only thing that holidaymakers can do on the island. Especially gourmets and holidaymakers interested in culinary delights are drawn to the â € œHasle Røgeriâ €. In the old smokehouse, fish are preserved over the fire according to old tradition and offer the holidaymaker a unique taste experience in a cozy atmosphere.
The largest castle ruin in Northern Europe is located on the northern tip of the island. The first stone was laid at the beginning of the 13th century. A visit to the “Hammerhus” is a must for many vacationers. On a clear day you can even see the nearby coast of Sweden from there.
A visit to the “Hammerhus” can be wonderfully combined with a visit to the twin cities of Allinge and Sandvig, as these two sights are only 2 kilometers apart. In these cities are the largest rock carvings in Denmark, which were made between 1800 BC and 500 years.

With 3,500 holiday homes and countless hotels, Bornholm offers its visitors extensive accommodation options. There are also a few holiday parks and a number of campsites on the island. Accommodation can be found in the Danhostel hostels for little money.

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