Denmark ferries and Corona – what do you have to consider?

It currently looks like Denmark will open the border for German vacationers for the summer holidays. But what about the ferry connections? What do you have to consider? The Bornholmslinjen shipping company has already gained a lot of experience here in recent months for the crossing to Bornholm, so that the safety of the guests … Read more

Eating out in historical places in Denmark

Eat the history, culture and architecture of Denmark in North Jutland North Jutland – Denmark’s aptly named “Land of Light” – offers an abundance of things to walk away from extensive, sun-drenched stretches of beach and world-class attractions such as the Viking Museum Lindholm Høje or the recently renovated Skagen Museum, in one of the … Read more

Sol over Gudhjem

Try the delicious Bornholm fish specialty “Sol over Gudhjem” when you visit Bornholm. Sol over Gudhjem – a real Bornholm specialty They have Bornholm don’t visit if you like the Bornholm specialty Sol over Gudhjem have not tried. Bornholm’s regional dish and smoked bread with smoked herring, egg yolks, radishes and chives are an old … Read more

Discover Bornholm – find peace

Bornholm Balka Strand
Bornholm Balka Strand

The island of Bornholm is the easternmost island in Denmark and is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Together with its six uninhabited side islands, it is located approx. 80 kilometers northeast of Rügen.
The island can only be reached by ferry from Germany, Sweden or Denmark. The ferries to Bornholm depart from the cities of Sassnitz (Germany), Ystad (Sweden) and Køge (Denmark). It should be noted that high-speed ferries are available on some routes, but the timetables may differ depending on the time of year. The main providers are â € œScandlinesâ € and â € œBornholmerFærgenâ €. Caravans, mobile homes or cars can be taken on the ferries without any problems, but this must be stated when booking. Bicycles and motorbikes are also very popular.

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