Bornholm: A new 67-kilometer hiking route leads through the most beautiful landscape

Bornholm’s nature always offers more than the beautiful rocky coasts and sandy beaches, and this second part of Bornholm is now becoming more accessible, says the Danish Nature Agency.

A new walking route through Bornholm called Højlyngsstien will soon become a reality.

With funds from the government agreement Summer in Nature 2020, Bornholm is now getting a brand new, long hiking route through the most scenic areas in the middle of the island.

The high way is 67 kilometers long and leads over Hammerknuden, Slotslyngen, Rutsker Højlyng, Rø Plantage, Almindingen, Ølene and Paradisbakkerne. This will take you through the old highlands, where the rocks are high and where the farmers previously let their animals run on grass. Today a large part of the old highlands consists of forest, and here you will also find some of the greatest natural values on Bornholm, ”reads a press release from the Danish Nature Agency about the Highland Trail.

Figure: The Danish Nature Agency,

The path begins and ends on the coastal path, the 120-kilometer hiking trail along the entire coast of Bornholm. In this way, long, continuous walks on Bornholm can now be put together. For example, from Hammerknudens Felsen in the north to Dueodde’s white sand in the south or along the entire course of both trails for a total of 187 kilometers. The Hochspurweg also offers good opportunities to put together shorter day trips, as it connects many of the existing, marked hiking trails.

The marking of the path will be completed in late summer and the entire path can be completed from September 1, 2020. Thus, according to the National Board of Nature, the path can also support hiking tourism in the autumn season.

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The Danish Nature Conservation Agency is spending DKK 400,000 on building the new path. The money goes, among other things, towards marking the path, signposting facilities such as shelters, campsites and toilets, and clearing some new sections. These are funds that come from the intergovernmental agreement: Summer in Nature 2020. stands for the overall planning of the path, the contact to private landowners and clears new paths in the forest of the community, Aaker Plantage, east of Almindingen.

– We are very pleased that we are now able to mark a route that connects a large part of the state and municipal nature areas on Bornholm. The High Lane Trail benefits both experienced long-distance hikers and those who just want to take a short walk in one of the most beautiful landscapes on Bornholm. It will also be natural to differentiate the course of the Højlyngstien path in future nature restoration projects in order to create a better connection between the natural areas, says Waldreiter Søren Friese, Bornholm Nature Agency.

– With the Højlyngstien Trail, Bornholm is getting a new hiking route through some of our most exciting landscapes and natural areas. The route will complement the coastal path around the island, strengthen Bornholm as a hiking destination and pull out several Bornholmers to enjoy nature. The focus is not on finding the easiest way from A to B, but on creating a route that offers unique nature experiences throughout. The result is a natural and sometimes cozy path that creates the magic and the good hiking experience, says the chairman of the committee, Leif Olsen, Bornholm regional municipality.

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The Hochhausweg is part of the Bornholm Green Wave project, which aims to strengthen the recreational and natural context of the Bornholm inland from Hammerknuden in the north to Dueodde in the south. The project is a collaboration between the regional municipality of Bornholm, the Bornholm Nature Agency, Bornholms Agriculture & Food, the Danish nature conservation association Bornholm and Destination Bornholm. The Nordea Foundation previously supported the Bornholm Regional Municipality with funds for the implementation of a preliminary project which includes: Indicates the establishment of Højlyngstien as a priority in Bornholm’s Green Wave.


The 67 km of the trail run mainly on unpaved roads and hiking trails. Outside the areas of the Bornholm Regional Municipality and the National Board of Nature, the path of the trail follows most of the cycle paths and there are some asphalt stretches here. In the Paradise Hills and the Povlsk Plantation, the path follows existing hiking routes. The Hochhausweg leads past many of Bornholm’s main attractions, including Opalsee, Hammershus, Rokkstenen, Rytterknægten, Echo Valley and Bison Forest.

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