Fishing on Mön – an introduction

Angelurlaub auf Mön
Fishing vacation on Mön

The island of Mön is a real paradise for anglers. Here, the Petri disciple is offered everything that sea fishing entails. Numerous fishing spots around the island provide year-round fishing opportunities. The wide sandy beaches are ideal for surf fishing. Big sea trout are often waiting for an exciting fight on the cliffs of the chalk cliffs.

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Fishing accommodation on Mön

A short way to the fishing spots is important. You have that if you choose fishing accommodation in a central island location, i.e. not directly on the water. So you are flexible if the conditions in one place are not ideal. As a starting point no. 1 on Mön Tiendegaarden B&B crystallized out. Here anglers will find everything they need.

There are large freezers for the catch and of course the possibility of filleting the fish as well. Here you can also talk shop with like-minded people.

Holiday homes for anglers on the island of Mön

Trout fishing on Mön

As an introduction, the best thing to do is watch the great film by Bisclips: “Looking for silver in Zealand”
Forellen Angeln auf Mön
The film opens in a new window.

Video: Successful fishing on the island of Mön

Surf fishing on Mön

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Do i need a Danish fishing license?

If you are older than 18 and younger than 65 you need a Danish fishing license. You can easily get this for just a few euros Buy online. You will immediately receive a small PDF document that you have to carry with you along with your identity card when fishing. On request, you can also get a nicely designed plastic card sent to you.

You do not need a fishing license if you fish in a so-called “put and take” body of water, a body of water that is privately managed and is often artificially stocked with fish. There are two of them on Mön. These waters are ideal for children who need some fishing success.

Put and take waters

There are two of them on the island. A lake near the chalk cliffs, called “Hunosø Put and Take” and one near Borre, Nyborre Fiskesø.

According to statements by holidaymakers, both bodies of water can no longer be used as put & take. We will research the situation at short notice.

Fishing guide for Mön

The free fishing guide: You can download the fishing guide here or get it free of charge from the tourist information office in Stege. (Click on the picture to open the PDF document)
Angelführer für Küstenangeln auf der Insel Mön

The fee-based fishing guide: We haven’t read it yet. Should someone buy it, we look forward to your feedback.

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