The sea buckthorn farm in Høstet

Sea buckthorn has also been grown on Bornholm for a number of years. Bornholm is always on the lookout for exciting new products, so the choice had to fall on Sanndorn, because the climate and soil are ideal for this.

There are over 60 types of sea buckthorn. German and Swedish varieties can be found in the plantation in Høstet. The plantation is constantly expanding and loves tranquility high above the Baltic Sea, which you can also see from here.

Lots of great sea buckthorn products

Many great products are made from the sea buckthorn, which is harvested at the end of August. Worth mentioning here are the very fruity sea buckthorn jam and the delicious granita (slushi) made from sea buckthorn and ice cream, which can be eaten on site.

Hostet also works with other Bornholm producers. There is a sea buckthorn gin that is ideal for mixed drinks. The recipe is available on site.



View of the garden

Sea buckthorn

The berries are still green

The farm

View to the sea buckthorn bushes

The counter

You can taste it here

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Hier liegt die Sanddornfarm