Eat your way through green Bornholm

When you go on holiday to the rocky island of Bornholm, it is easy to eat green and healthy

Bornholm cuisine is probably best known for its smoked herring and egg yolk in the dish Sol over Gudhjem . But if you’ve visited the rocky island more than a handful, the risk of getting enough of the traditional local dishes is quite high. However, there is nothing to worry about. Bornholm’s cuisine and the numerous restaurants on the island offer many other options. Also for those who don’t want to eat meat at all.

If you are one of them, you can do this for example Badehotel Stammershalle to visit. Beautifully located and only a stone’s throw from the roaring sea – one of the greatest culinary players in Bornholm’s gastronomy. That Stammershalle Badehotel manages with his restaurant to bring a true gourmet experience to the Sonnensee. But not a gourmet experience as you know it from the capital.

When you visit the restaurant recommended in the Michelin Guide, expect six to ten dishes while looking out over the Bornholm coast from your table. The vegetarian menu we ordered consisted of roast pork, risotto, baked beets, and a mini-Alaska, among other things. Everything presented and prepared for the great gold medal.

Compared to the Copenhagen kitchens, that has Stammershalle Badehotel also the simple advantage that it actually pays off. A menu with six dishes including snacks and pre-dessert costs 595 kroner without drinks, while a dish from the à la carte menu costs 140 kroner. The menu includes squids, rocks and pigs, among other things. A vegetarian menu can be ordered in advance.

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While it sounds tempting to spend all of your hungry hours in the restaurant, there are several other vegetarian-friendly restaurants to choose from on the island. In Marguerite in Allinge you get a meatless steak, while the Little Mermaid in Nexø tries a chili paste with oyster hat ragout. And nothing is wrong with pulling out the grill on the patio and trying your own culinary experiments.

The untouched nature

Bornholm is without comparison the place in Denmark where you can get the most out of the rough nature. Although the island is small, it is a cornucopia of open-air activities that all you need to do is tie the right shoes.

When you pass NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby, you will first get a historical look back at how the striking island was formed by the wear and tear of the Ice Age. Then you can go right out and see it for yourself. Especially in the spring and summer when the island is in full bloom it is a pleasure to battle up and down steep slopes while grasping some of the island’s wild herbs.

If the air is not filled with the farmer’s manure, you will surely notice the pungent smell of ram onions everywhere. At NaturBornholm you will not get away from the many activities and experiments that you can try out as a guest in the indoor adventure center, which offers entertainment for children and child souls.

Another way to experience the island’s natural diversity is to take a forest walk with the island legend Søren Sillehoved. A man who has enough stories to make a wide variety of novels. He can tell you all about the island’s history and biodiversity. For example, you can ask him why there are no badger fish on the island and why the island’s squirrels look different from the rest of the country.

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The old wooden ship M / S Thor sails from the port of Gudhjem, offering the opportunity to see and experience the island from a distance. The ship has been sailing along the coast for over 100 years. If you have the courage you can get off halfway and walk the rest of the journey back to Gudhjem on the Bornholm Coastal Path, where in good weather you may be lucky enough to spot Christiansø on the horizon.

You can spend the night here

Whether you are in a traditional holiday center with a playground, pool and table tennis or in the more exclusive beach hotel with sea views, there are plenty of options to meet your needs on the island.

Also, you can get even closer to nature by sleeping in it. It is allowed to stay overnight on the many campsites on the island. On some of them there are shelters that you can consume, while on all campsites it is allowed to raise a tent.

Both seats and shelters can be used free of charge. So when you are fresh it is possible to take a bike from home and stay completely free on the island as you travel from place to place.


The classics:

Dueodde beach
Swan over
Bornholm’s medieval center
The craft on the island
The round churches (one is enough)

Other sights:

A diving trip in Sortehat
Bornholms Automobile Museum
Boat trip along the coast on the old ship M / S Thor
Visit the gourmet restaurants Stammershalle Badehotel or Kadeau

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