The place Aarhus at the mouth of the Au, where the name of the city comes from, has been inhabited since the time of the Vikings. The latest excavations have shown that the city was founded more than 1,200 years ago in 770. This found that Aarhus is 100 years older than assumed, making it one of the oldest cities in all of Northern Europe. Aarhus was in 16. as well as in 17th century an important maritime trading town. Around 1850 Aarhus became the largest and most populous city in Jutland. In 1928 the 2nd Danish University of Aarhus was founded here.

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For holidaymakers and visitors to the city, the open-air museum “Den Gamle By” (dt. The old city), the Marienkirche with the crypt, the cathedral of Aarhus, the town hall from 1941 with a 60 meter high bell tower and the botanical one are particularly worth seeing City garden.

If you pay a visit to Aarhus, you can see that the city has grown relatively quickly. As a result, pretty half-timbered buildings and older buildings are rarely seen in the cityscape. During a short trip or weekend break in Aarhus, you should definitely visit the university park with its two lakes. Many locals meet here in summer.

On a city trip to Aarhus, for example, you could do that too Marselisborg Castle can be viewed from the outside in the southwest of the city. This is the residence of the royal family in the summer. When the Queen stays here, the changing of the guard, which is very popular with tourists, takes place every day at 12 noon. The palace park can be visited free of charge by all visitors and tourists when the royal family is not in the house.

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From an economic point of view, Aarhus is the commercial center of Jutland. The machine and textile industries in particular are the city’s most important economic sectors. Mainly agricultural products are shipped through the port of Aarhus, while coal and iron are imported. Aarhus is also the seat of the 2nd largest brewery in the country “Ceres”.

Since December 2007, Aarhus has been directly connected to the German ICE network with the connection between Berlin and Hamburg. So nothing should stand in the way of your short trip to the city of Aarhus.

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