Bornholm – New great rock carvings found

In Hammersholm near Allinge an unprecedented carving field has just been discovered, on which 17 Bronze Age vessels were carved into the rock. The archaeologist Michael S. Thorsen thinks it is advantageous to take an Easter excursion to the site and see carvings.

They are not painted, but the new carving field is very attractive. Many of the ships are very visible. So many people will be able to see right away. Same goes for some of the ships I found in 2017 – although some of them are pretty unclear as well.

Bring a flashlight

It can also be an advantage to go to Hammersholm after dark. Children can get there in the evening with a flashlight. If you shine on the rocks in the dark, you can create a shadow effect that makes the carvings much clearer than during the day.

If you want to find the rock carvings, you can drive to the parking lot in Hammersholm, which is between Sandvig and Hammershus. From there, picturesque paths lead to the island in the area of rock carvings.

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