The marina in Klintholm Hafen should soon attract more sailors

Klintholm Havn-13398-small
The Vordingborg Municipality acquired Marina Klintholm from a foreclosure auction. There are around 200 berths and sanitary facilities here. Sailors seem to have had many bad experiences in the marina in recent years. This should now come to an end with the new management. This also includes repairing and refurbishing a lot of facilities in Klintholm Hafen.

Søren Nybo says:

“Now, as part of the â € Vordingborgs Häfenâ € project, we can ensure that a common marketing strategy, easy access to experiences and restaurants and, last but not least, good transport options to and from all the harbors of the municipality are created. This will not only benefit our many sailing tourists benefit, but also the citizens of our community.â €

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