Denmark’s best nudist beaches

Our neighboring country in the south is known for its beautiful beaches. Here are ten places to ditch all of your clothes and go on a nudist holiday in Denmark.

Rules on the nudist beach in Denmark

Danes have a fairly laid-back attitude towards nudity, and according to them it is not illegal to swim naked in places that are not nudist beaches.

– There are few restrictions on how freely you can practice naturism and often it is a matter of rhythm and tone.

The same is true in Norway. You are allowed to throw away your clothes as long as you don’t embarrass others. However, “obscene behavior” is not allowed.

Here are the ten best nudist beaches in Denmark:

Tisvilde beach

North Zealand This beach is located east of Stængehus near Gribskov and has a blue flag. The beach is 500 meters long and popular with families with children, young, old, men and women.

Brøndby Strand, Sjælland

This beach is located 13 kilometers southwest of Copenhagen and offers plenty of space on the fine sand or the dunes.

Bøtøskoven, Lolland-Falster

In Bøtøskoven there are two small nudist beaches with dunes that protect the view and wind. They are a little off the beaten path, but well worth the trip.

Vesterlyng, Sjælland

The beach is just outside Havnsø, in a protected area where cows and horses graze. To get to the nudist area, take the third exit to the beach.

Thurø Reef, Fyn

The beach is at the top of the reef and overlooks Valdemar Castle on Tåsinge south of Fyn.

Skovmose, Sønder-Jylland

People of all ages come here and the beach has very fine sand.

Den Permanente, Århus

This nudist beach is north of Aarhus. It also consists of a bathing establishment where men and women bathe and sunbathe separately.

Ballehage, Århus A funny one

Name for a beautiful nudist beach that is considered to be one of the best beaches in Århus and the surrounding area – regardless of whether you wear swimming trunks or not.

Rødhus, North Jutland

It gets crowded on hot summer days. The nudist part is outside the shooting range between Rødhus Strand and Ejstrup Strand. It doesn’t sound like a beach idyll, but it is recommended.

Børsmose, West Jutland

Fine sandy beach with high dunes that offer wind protection and block the view. Here people bathe with and without clothes.