Klintholm Havn

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The important fishing port of Klintholm Havn on the island of Moen in the south of Denmark was established by Gut Klintholm as early as 1878. The purpose at that time was to ship the farm’s agricultural and forestry products. However, the port operation soon became too expensive for the estate and so it was transferred to the community in 1918. It was not until many years later, namely in 1986, that a new marina was built here. Today the old port is considered a very well-functioning fishing and yachting port, whose berths and holiday apartments are fully booked year after year in the summer months. No wonder, because Klintholm Havn combines a whole range of special features.

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Of course, the very well-known and admirable chalk cliffs of Mons Klint to the east should be emphasized. The view from the beach on these rocks is simply awesome. If you want to admire it more closely, you can also take a bike or hiking tour there.
Klintholm itself is located on the south coast of the island, directly on a very spacious bay. Apparently stress-free days, idyll and a quiet atmosphere usually determine everyday life here in the old fishing village. Furthermore, the place is surrounded by wonderful nature, which invites you to go on bike tours, walks or hikes. Due to the natural atmosphere and the pleasant tranquility, Klintholm Havn is now a real insider tip among holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet and serves as a small center of its own holiday world that has developed on the island of Moen.
To the east and west of the harbor stretch the beautiful beaches, which are ideal for swimming or long walks. Also worth seeing on the island is the Dutch Renaissance style castle built by the former port operator in 1875, which can only be viewed from the outside, but is still worth a visit.

As Klintholm Havn is a very busy and at the same time the largest fishing port, it is a good main source of employment for numerous fish and seafood traders all year round. There is also an excellent smokehouse, which offers some extraordinary delicacies. If you want to have a nice dinner in the evening, you are sure to find one or the other typical island delicacy among the many restaurants in Klintholm Havn.

Klintholm Havn is not only considered a major fishing port today, but also a very popular marina, which numerous yacht charter crews call at on their way to Copenhagen or Bornholm. In addition to various shopping opportunities, the port also offers a bank and a holiday complex with a sauna for them.

I briefly filmed the beach on the left edge of Klintholm Havn with the shake camera. You can walk there or lie in the sun. There are various small sheltered bays in the dune.

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