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Holiday cottages in Askeby

Spend your Mön vacation with the base station in Askeby. From here you can quickly reach the top destinations on the island. In Askeby you can go horse riding, hiking and cycling. It is only a short distance to the main town of the island – Stege. Here you can stroll, shop and eat well.

Holiday home in Askeby on the Danish island of Mön

The island of Mön lies in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea. More and more holidaymakers are discovering this gem that has a lot to offer. In the meantime, Mön has adjusted to tourism and so there are several shops in the towns.
The accessibility to the island is quite good, as there are a lot of ferries operating here. Depending on which direction you are coming from, you can also take the motorway towards Copenhagen. All the Danish islands are connected by bridges.

The Askeby holiday home

Askeby is a small village that has a restaurant, a café and a small shop. Although it is not directly on the sea, some of the holiday homes were built very close to the beach. The beach is ideal for swimming because it has very fine sand and slopes gently. For this reason, there are often families with children who can play here with enthusiasm.

Activities and sights around Askeby

Mön is an ideal vacation spot to laze around and relax. Those who prefer sport can do a lot of cycling, golfing or horse riding here. For families there are the so-called â € œfamily pathsâ €, where beautiful playgrounds are signposted. The four-legged guests are also thought of here, because there is an extra dog forest in which they can run freely.

The chalk cliffs of Möns Klint are definitely one of the sights in the area around Askeby. Together with the rock on the island of Rügen, it is one of the largest limestone giants in the world. Many visitors climb the cliffs to see it, but there are also wonderful views from the beach. The GeoCenter Möns Klint is also dedicated to this natural spectacle and amazes visitors with 3D films. The vegetation should not be left unmentioned either, because there are around 20 different types of orchid that love the calcareous soil.
The romantic Liselund Castle in the south of the island is also an interesting destination. The branch of the Danish National Museum is located here and can be visited.
The island’s capital Stege, also known as the herring city, is also worth visiting for families. Not only does it have an idyllic harbor, but also play equipment on the shore and a candy factory where you can cook yourself.


Far from the hustle and bustle, the Askeby is suitable for relaxation. A lot of untouched nature awaits the guest here and yet everything is there that is needed. Family-friendly hosts who love animals look forward to booking a holiday home in Askeby.

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