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Vejers is a small Danish holiday resort with only 27 inhabitants but a large number of holiday homes. Vejers is located in the former Ribe Amt and has been part of the Syddanmark region since 2007, about 30 km north of Esbjerg and between the towns of Blåvand and Grærup on the west coast of Jutland.

The nearest town is Varde at a distance of around 20 km.

The place can be divided into the main area Vejers and the larger area Vejers Strand. Vejers Strand borders to the south and east of the military base Kallesmærsk Hede, where the uninhabited town of Vejers is located. The abandoned houses are used as military training facilities. Vejers Strand, on the other hand, has 22 registered residents and over 500 holiday homes of various categories.

It is known for its candy factory. When visibility is good, you can see the two 20 and 35 square kilometer offshore wind farms Horns Rev 1 and 2. The long, wide beach is very popular with surfers, sailors and swimmers, but also with horse riders. Occasionally, Hercules military transport planes make training flights to and from the beach, which is closed for this purpose.

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