Sommerabend in Snogebaek
Summer evening in Snogebaek

What made the holiday resort Snogebaek, now known to Danes and other visitors, on the east coast of Denmark’s easternmost island Bornholm, when it was first settled in the middle of the 16th century at the latest, to an economic disadvantage – sandy, rocky and rather sterile soils, the rapidly silting bay of Balka and Bro and the large marshy wetland Hundsemyre on the land side – fortunately, with the beginning of tourism in the early 19th century, fortunately for the 700 inhabitants today, it has been transformed into a significant geographical location advantage. Since attempts at that time to build a large port for the purpose of trading with the Baltic Sea countries failed due to the silting up and the pronounced sandstone banks off the coast, such a port cannot be found today either on the two most popular Bornholm sandy beaches, Balka and Dueodde stand in the way north and south of Snogebaek. Rather, today’s small port, connected to the end of a 100 meter long jetty in the sea, is a picturesque sight in itself, divides both beaches like a natural reef and thus blends harmoniously into the landscape.

Nature reserve, dune landscape, highest lighthouse and longest island beach

At about the same distance from its northern neighbor and the second largest town on the island of Nexø with its currently 3600 inhabitants and its harbor as well as the southern landscape protection and dune area Dueodde As the largest beach on Bornholm, Snogebaek naturally also benefited from this location. As early as 1900 there were numerous holiday homes and summer residences that were cleverly integrated into the wooded area. The other holiday home complexes built in Snogebaek since the 1960s and the neighboring towns of Balka and Bro, which are now almost merged with it, obey this careful and officially monitored embedding in the landscape, which is why the area is still one of the most popular Danish regions for an authentic beach holiday is applicable. The dune area Dueodde is also equipped with a campsite, a youth hostel as well as a restaurant and a spacious parking lot, in July and August it can be on the water and on the wooden plank paths as well as at the 48 meters tallest lighthouse in Denmark Dueodde Fyr can get a bit fuller. The planned construction of a holiday park a few years ago with the name Dueodde Ferieland near Snogebæk seems to be on hold at the moment, however, existing accommodations in addition to the numerous holiday homes and apartments are available in the immediate vicinity with the Strandhotel Balka Søbad and the FDM Camping Balka Strand.

Smoked fish and chocolate, heathland, ocean voyages and harbor festivals

An excursion area north of Snogebaek that is worth seeing and recommending is the Balke Lyng heathland, which is around 25 hectares in size. The very rare orchid grows here on Europe’s easternmost closed heathland. In the former wetland and now bird sanctuary Hundsemyre mentioned at the beginning, however, you can observe songbirds such as the potty tit or cormorants in the wild. Another leisure activity popular with sporty guests and tourists is also the deep sea trips with the charter boats of local fishermen (trolling), they of course know best where to get the best chances of “Petri Heil” here, on the east coast of Bornholm, which is known for its rich salmon deposits œ has. The highlight of the festive year in Snogebaek, however, is the summer harbor festival in July, which has been lavishly celebrated since 1973. The varied program of the nationally known event on the fairground between the fishermen’s huts and smokehouses around the harbor includes the â € œSnogebæk-Løbetâ € beach run, a fish pond, ball and dart toss, shooting, nail and dice booths, and a raffle , the wheel of fortune, penalty shoot-outs, a bouncy castle and other entertainment for children – this is what the adults enjoy together with the live music, as well as show greats such as Robbie Williams. The regional specialties, some of which are even made in Snogebaek itself, such as smoked fish from the local â € œSnogebæk Røgeriâ € and chocolate from the small manufacture â € œKjærstrup Chokoladeâ € from Nexø, are of course enjoyed in abundance at the festival, not Less tasty are delicacies such as smoked herring on rye bread with onions, chives and an egg yolk (“Kraksild”) and apple slices fried in hot fat (“† bleskiver”).