Vacation homes in Dueodde

Dueodde from our point of view has the most beautiful beach in all of Denmark, maybe even in the Baltic Sea region. No wonder that there are also holiday homes with sea views in Dueodde gives. We have compiled a list of holiday homes with views over the beach and the sea.
A holiday home in Dueodde is certainly the dream of many Bornholm vacationers. A holiday home in the forest protects you from the wind and the strong sun. A holiday home on the beach ensures fresh, pollen-free sea air and a wide view.

Dueodde at a glance

The holiday home region Dueodde is located in the south of Bornholm and is particularly popular with families and beach lovers. Here in Dueodde is the beach with the finest sand in Denmark, which was also used to fill the egg timers and makes a funny noise when you walk barefoot. Dueodde’s sandy beach stretches along a kilometer-long forest area that is bordered by the fishing village of Snogebäk on the side facing Nexø and by Bakkerne on the other side. In this forest are the holiday homes, the camping site and small pensions. In Dueodde there is also a beautiful white lighthouse that can be climbed for a fee. Is famous Dueodde especially for its wonderful dunes and the great, almost Caribbean sandy beach, which is nice and flat and thus also offers children good bathing opportunities in Dueodde. By the way, a long boarded dam leads to the beach in Dueodde through the dunes.

Dueodde beach

Dueodde beach stretches for several kilometers on both sides of the southern tip of the island of Bornholm. Dueodde beach starts in Snogebæk where the many huts here almost have their own narrow beach. Dueodde beach will be several hundred meters wide at the southern tip of Bornholm and then close again to Jomfrugård, a nudist beach. At the widest point there are many dunes and bays where you can find shelter – and be completely undisturbed.

Take your bike, stroller or wheelchair to Duedde Beach

From the parking lots on Fyrvej and Skrokkegårdsvej, over 500m long wooden ramps lead through the dunes, so that you can easily get to the beautiful beach of Dueodde by bike, stroller or wheelchair. Be aware, however, that the ramps are susceptible to sedimentation and that they end more than 100 meters from the water’s edge. There is also a kiosk, toilets and a bus service at the four-way parking lot.

Dueodde lighthouse on Bornholm

A trip to the Dueodde lighthouse will take most people’s breath away – both because of the stairs and because of the magnificent view of the coastal area and all of southern Bornholm.

Should you be in Dueodde Renting a holiday home (mostly privately), you can get yourself a good supply of groceries in Snogebaek (Dagli Bruggsen). There are several restaurants, a pizzeria, a smokehouse and a large grocery store.

In Dueodde there is also an ice cream parlor with delicious Danish ice cream. You can also pay by card. There is also a rustic restaurant.

In summary, we recommend a holiday home in Dueodde on the beach, especially if you are new to Bornholm. You can’t go wrong here.