Conversion from Danish Krone to Euro

In Denmark the Danish crown and not the euro. Nevertheless, you can often pay in euros.
Here you can convert Danish kroner into euros so that you can keep track of costs while on vacation.
Since the exchange rate for the Danish Krone -> Euro changes constantly, we have integrated daily rates.

Convert Danish Krone to Euro with our currency converter

To convert from DKK to EURO, enter the amount of Danish kroner that you want to convert into Euro Euo in the field on the left. You can use the radio buttons to convert the conversion from euros to Danish kroner

This DKK EUR converter converts DKK to Euros at daily updated rates also in 2019. The exchange rate of the krona is determined by a variety of influencing factors. Denmark is a stable country with a very strong currency. This DKK (Danish Kroner) converter proves it time and time again. Almost every year the exchange rate of the euro against the kroner worsens. This shows that a good decision in Denmark was to keep the crown. The only disadvantage for tourists from the euro country is that they have to constantly convert. I always make it easy for myself here and divide all prices in DKK currency by 10. This is my own exchange rate when I’m on vacation. In 2019 I will keep this conversion even if the exchange rate is incorrect.

Comparison of DKK prices for groceries in Germany, all converted into euros

Have fun with this currency converter. You can get kroner from vending machines everywhere in Denmark and you can even convert euros to Danish kroner on the ferries to Bornholm.

>> Here we have a comparison of food prices in Germany and Denmark

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