Günter Grass on the island of Mön

Günter Grass tot
Günter Grass

The famous German writer Günter Grass, born in Gdansk in 1927 and died in Lübeck on April 13, 2015, felt strongly connected to the Baltic Sea. For years the artist, who also painted, sculpted and illustrated several of his literary works, moved to Denmark on the island of Mön. The small island with a population of less than 10,000 is located in the south of the largest Danish island of Zealand and east of the island of Falster. Similar to the island of Rügen opposite it on the German coast, Mön also has chalk cliffs. Möns Klint is eight kilometers long and 128 meters high. The steep coast to the east of Mön is made of snow-white writing chalk – a fantastic sight.

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