Holiday homes on the North Sea

Holiday homes on the Danish North Sea, for example on the Danish North Sea islands, are very popular.

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Basically, the motives for a holiday on the Danish North Sea are divided into the following categories of needs:

Why vacation on the Danish North Sea coast?

Need for comfort: Simple / clear / practical / problem-free – everything is summarized in one place. The needs of children and adults can be easily met. This is especially true for the (holiday resorts of Jesperhus and Skallerup dune.

Fast arrival: Especially an important criterion for young children, a cheap alternative compared to vacationing abroad. The need for freedom: For many, the Danish North Sea coast is connected to nature: the North Sea and the beach – the experience of freedom – and solidarity

Community: Feel a greater presence with the children and the partner. Concentrate on comfort, fun, joy and relaxation.

The children have to experience Denmark (educational aspect) – “It is important that they know something about our neighboring country

Security need: To get away from home and to get new impressions has the feeling of being in a safe environment (own culture), need for tradition and nostalgia – to visit famous places and people again

Change need: The need to try something new – to see and experience new people and get to know a life away from the city.

Conicidence: You are out at the last minute and take the cabin, which is possible / available. You “take over” your friends’ campsite because of a cancellation

For some, the nature of North Jutland is a key argument in favor of Jutland as a holiday destination

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